Grow Unlimited Supply of Mint With This One Trick

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You can Grow an Unlimited Supply of Mint right in your home with this simple trick and get a bountiful harvest all year round!

This guide will give you a simple yet effective technique to cultivate a bountiful mint harvest in a small space like a windowsill!

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Why Growing Mint is Rewarding

Mint is a versatile herb with many, many, many uses 😄. You can add it to your food as well as enjoy it in beverages. Not just the flavor, it has numerous health benefits, such as soothing digestion, stress relief, anti-inflammatory properties, increased alertness, improved memory, and improved mood.

It can also help manage weight by controlling appetite and possibly increasing metabolism. Therefore, including mint in your diet is important for its various benefits.

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What is the Trick?

1. Getting a Healthy Mint Plant

Grow Unlimited Supply of Mint With This One Trick 1

Head to the store and pick a strong mint plant. Make sure it looks healthy and has bushier growth and vibrant leaves. You can also ask your friends or neighbors for a small mother plant. You might get it for free.

2. Pinch the Top

Getting a Healthy Mint Plant

Gently cut the top part of the several stems. You need to make sure your cut is neat and at the right spot so that you get at least one node in each cutting; a node is a bumpy part where new leaves and stems appear.

3. Plant this

Grow Unlimited Supply of Mint With This One Trick 3

Planting those top part cuttings you picked is the most important step here. Either plant the cuttings in the same container or gather a couple more pots filled with your usual potting mix to do this. And yes, you don’t need to buy pots for this, just cut the bottom part of the soda bottles for this.

Here are the best types of mint varieties.

4. Keep an Eye on them

Keep an Eye on them

After planting, you need to keep the soil moist but not too wet. Place these mint cuttings together with your mint plant and keep planting the top 3-4 inches tips every other week in new pots.

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5. Enjoy Your Unlimited Mint Supply

Enjoy Your Unlimited Mint Supply

After a few days, the cuttings will keep rooting successively and start growing. You can relish these and repeat the process with the new growth 😃, again and again, and again, and soon you’ll have a big mint family thriving in your home.

For more details, watch the detailed video here 

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