Wheatgrass: How to Grow & Why?

Wheat is grown everywhere for grain, but its shoots and stalks are also edible and used to make wheatgrass juice. You can easily find its packaged supplements and juices in stores but why waste money, if you can make your own fresh and organic wheatgrass juice at home easily. We’ve made this for you: How to grow wheatgrass & why? All you need to do is, follow our short instructions.

*It takes around 7 days to grow; our advice is to divide up your crop in 7 parts so you can get fresh juice every day.



Make a rough estimate of how much wheatgrass you need to grow for a shot of it daily (2-ounce juice for a person is enough) after deciding this, take seeds accordingly and soak them for 2 days in water for pre-germination. When you start to see tiny sprouts in it, drain the water. Your first step is completed.

*You can directly sow wheat in the soil without pre-germination but it takes more time to germinate.

*Buy organic seeds for pure & sweetest juice.


Take a shallow and wide planter; you can use a tray, a plastic jar or container for this and add soil with 1:4 compost in it. Spread those pre-germinated seeds over it and again add one thinner layer of soil over it. Your step two is completed.

*If you have an unused briefcase, use it as a planter



You don’t need to care it much, just remember two or three points: it loves moist soil so keep it damp but don’t over-water it. Use spray to water gently and don’t expose it to sunlight as it will make its leaves coarse. For soft leaves, place it in full shade.


When grass reaches up to the height of 5-6 inches, trim it down from the growing point, from there, it will grow again in a week. You can do this twice, after that sow seeds again for the next supply.

*Making its juice is simple; you can do it in a blender, add mint for flavor.


Why you should grow wheatgrass

1. It’s an optimum source of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

2. It improves digestion and boosts immune power.

3. It is helpful for cancer patients and prevents arthritis.

4. It’s a natural blood purifier. It means no acne, blemishes and glowing face.

5. It is rich in iron and cures anemia that means no fatigue.

Wheatgrass is a superfood. Add this to your diet. Stop sipping cups of caffeine and diet cokes and see the healthy transition happen.