11 Best Indoor Grass Plants You Can Grow As Houseplants

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Indoor Grass Plants are best when it comes to adding a green flair in rooms for a jungle like vibe! Here are the best options you must try!

From the elegance of sedge to the intricate patterns of mondo, these plants offer a luxurious green touch to any interior. Curious to transform your home into an indoor oasis complete with grass-like textures and vibrant hues? Keep scrolling to discover the best Indoor Grass Plants!

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Indoor Grass Plants

1. Wheatgrass

Indoor Grass Plants 1Botanical Name: Triticum aestivum

Wheatgrass features a vibrant green, blade-like foliage that grows in tufts, closely resembling a lush, miniature meadow. The color alone can breathe life into any room.

Its slender, upright leaves look very much like the blades of traditional grass, making it a popular choice for those who love the look of a fresh lawn.

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2. Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses like Blue Fescue or Fountain Grass have an elegant, flowing appearance. Their leaves can range from fine to broad and come in colors from silver-blue to red and purple.

Their feathery, arching blades truly capture the essence of natural grasslands, making them a beautiful addition to indoor arrangements.

3. Spider Plant

Indoor Grass Plants 3

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Spider Plant leaves are long, narrow, and arching, often with a variegated pattern of green and white, offering a pleasing contrast.

The leaves are grass-like in form, hanging gracefully from the mother plant, resembling a cascading fountain of green.

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4. Bamboo Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea seifrizii

Bamboo Palm features long, elegant fronds that have a feathery appearance, adding a touch of tropical sophistication to any interior.

While not exactly like traditional grass, its thin, pointed leaves mimic the lightness and movement one associates with grassy landscapes.

5. Sedge

Indoor Grass Plants 5Botanical Name: Carex spp.

Sedge plants have slender, arching leaves that come in a variety of colors including green, bronze, and even variegated varieties.

The grass-like leaves form dense tufts or mounds, offering a texture and shape that’s reminiscent of meadow grasses.

6. Lemongrass

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citratus

Lemongrass leaves are long, slender, and slightly arching, with a bright green hue and a lemony scent when crushed.

This plant’s foliage is incredibly similar to that of true grasses, making it a perfect aromatic and aesthetic addition to any indoor space.

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7. Palm Grass

Indoor Grass Plants 7Botanical Name: Setaria palmifolia

Palm Grass has broad, palm-like leaves that bring a tropical flair. These leaves are ridged, adding texture and visual interest.

While the leaves are broader than typical grass, their upright growth habit captures the essence of a grassy field.

8. Asparagus Fern


Botanical Name: Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus Fern has feathery, needle-like leaves that are bright green in color, creating a light, airy look.

Though not a true fern or grass, its wispy, arching fronds do resemble long, delicate blades of grass.

9. Sweet Flag

Indoor Grass Plants 9Botanical Name: Acorus gramineus

It showcases its bright green, slightly wavy leaves that have a graceful, arching habit. They are elongated and lance-shaped, bringing an exotic flair to your home decor.

The foliage of Sweet Flag is a close mimic to real grass, with its slender and sword-like leaves giving the illusion of a grassy knoll indoors.

10. Lilyturf

Botanical Name: Liriope muscari

The plant brings a unique aesthetic with its dark green, linear leaves that form neat, elegant clumps. The leaves have a refined, blade-like shape and add lushness to any indoor setting.

Lilyturf’s grassy appearance is unmistakable. The compact tufts of narrow leaves closely resemble the look of a finely manicured lawn, making it ideal for indoor gardening.

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11. Mondo Grass

Indoor Grass Plants 11

Botanical Name: Ophiopogon japonicus

Its narrow, arching, dark green to almost black leaves appear to be a silhouette, providing a stunning contrast when paired with lighter-colored plants.

It captures the essence of grass with its thin, blade-like leaves that grow in clumps. Its petite size and grass-like texture make it an excellent choice for small indoor spaces.

Indoor Grass Plants – Conclusion

Incorporating Indoor Grass Plants into your home decor is a creative way to infuse your living space with a touch of nature’s elegance. These resilient and versatile plants not only provide aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

As you introduce these indoor grasses into your home, remember to tailor their care to their specific requirements, providing them with the light, water, and humidity they need to flourish. With a little love and attention, your indoor grasses will thrive, enriching your indoor oasis.

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So, whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, rustic, or tropical ambiance, consider bringing some of these splendid indoor grasses into your home and watch your indoor garden flourish in style.

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