How To Keep Cats Away From Peace Lily

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Looking for ways on How To Keep Cats Away From Peace Lily? Don’t look elsewhere! This article has all the tricks!

Keep Cats Away From Peace Lily

If you have a cat at home that nibbles on houseplants, well, you’d definitely want to keep the curious feline off that peace lily, as it can damage its beautiful leaves and spathes! Time to put a bell on its collar!

Are Peace Lilies Safe To Cats?

No, peace lilies are not safe for cats.

You must keep your cats away from peace lilies two reasons: (1) Peace lilies contain calcium oxalate crystals which can cause upset stomach in cats if ingested, and (2), it’s a beautiful specimen and you would surely not want to see its leaves damaged with those signature cat marks!

How To Keep Cats Away From Peace Lily?

1. Place them Out of Reach

The most effective approach to prevent your pet from nibbling on peace lilies is to place these plants out of the feline’s reach.

You can grow them on shelves, stands, hanging baskets, or wall-mounted macramé planters that are beyond your cat’s jumping or climbing abilities.

2. Try Using Deterrents

Spray cat repellents, which you’ll easy find in market, on these plants. This will deter your cat from approaching them without causing any harm to the plants.

You can also make a homemade deterrent by mixing water and white vinegar, or placing citrus peels around the peace lily—cats hate them!

3. Use Mats with Spikes

Place a plastic mat with spikes around the area where you have placed your peace lily. This will discourage your cat from walking on it and approaching the plant.

4. Add Physical Barriers Around the Plant

You can also place a net or a plant cage around these houseplants to create a barrier that your cat cannot cross.

5. Relocate Peace Lilies

Relocate your plant to keeps cat away

Another option is to move the plant to a room where your cat does not frequently go, thus reducing the chances of accidental exposure.

6. Keep Your Cat Busy

Cats have a friendly nature, so you can engage them in playtime or provide them with toys to keep their attention away from the toxic plants.

7. Train Your Feline

Felines can be trained quickly, so you can gently teach them to stay away from the plants with love and affection.

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