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6 Fruits That Start With X

When it comes to fruits, some letters of the alphabet are easier than others. Here is the list of Fruits That Start With X!

Believe it or not, there are actually a few Fruits That Start With X. Let’s take a closer look at these unique and uncommon fruits!

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Fruits That Start With X

1. The Xarel-lo Grape

Fruits That Start With X

First on the list of fruits that start with X is Xarel-lo. It is a vigorous and productive vine that is known for its high acidity, which makes it well-suited for the production of sparkling wines like Cava.

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2. Xigua

Xigua is also popular as Chinese watermelon. It has a yellow-green rind and a sweeter, juicier flesh. People enjoy it as a refreshing snack.

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3. Ximenia

Fruits That Start With X 3

Next on the list of fruits that start with X is Ximenia. It is a small, oval-shaped fruit that’s native to Africa. It has bright red skin and a tart, tangy flavor that’s similar to a sour plum.

4. Xinomavro Grape

Xinomavro is a red wine grape that is primarily grown in the northern regions of Greece. The name translates to “acid black,” which gives an indication of its characteristics.

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5. Xoconostle

Fruits That Start With X 5

Xoconostle is another fruit that starts with X. It is a type of prickly pear fruit that’s commonly found in Mexico. It has a tough, spiny exterior and soft, juicy flesh.

6. Xylocarps


Fruits That Start With X 6

Xylocarp is basically a term used to describe a type of fruit that has a hard, woody exterior, such as coconuts and durian. This type of fruit is commonly found in tropical regions.

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