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14 DIY Hydroponic Vertical Garden Ideas To Grow Food

If lack of space is preventing you from growing your own food. Try these DIY Hydroponic Vertical Garden Ideas, they’re brilliant!

1. PVC Hydroponics Unit

If lack of space is preventing you from growing your own food. Try these DIY Hydroponic Vertical Garden Ideas, they're brilliant!

Build this hydroponic unit using PVC pipes to grow edibles. Check out the step by step article at Instructables!

2. Hydroponic Towers

Hydroponic towers are a perfect solution for small space growers. Learn more about this here.

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3. Hydroponic Window Farm

DIY Hydroponic Vertical Garden Ideas

Create a productive hydroponic window farm out of plastic bottles, if you have a sunny window. Check out the step by step tutorial here.

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4. Hydroponic Vertical Garden Bottle System

You’ll need a few empty soda bottles and other basic supplies available in your home to create this vertical hydroponic garden. The DIY is here.

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5. DIY Hydroponics Using PVC Gutters

Use PVC gutters to complete this DIY project. The step by step article is here.

6. Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

Find out how 600 plants are grown in 36 square feet area hydroponically in this article here.

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7. Vertical Hydroponic Farm

This is a little high-end project, and that’s why it is named as “Robotic Urban Farm System.” Find the instructions here!

8. Hydroponic Vertical Garden Tower

Learn about the ten benefits and advantages of hydroponic gardening in this informative article.

9. DIY Hydroponic Vertical Garden

This DIY hydroponic vertical garden is made of glass bottles and serves the purpose. Find the details here.

10. Vertical PVC Hydroponic Tower

What to do if you want to grow vegetables at home but have very little space? Start a hydroponic garden that uses the vertical space. This DIY requires PVC pipes, submersible pump, and other easy to find materials. The tutorial post is here.

11. Swing Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Do you know what vermiponics is? Aquaponics with worms. Find out more about this here.

12. Ultimate Hydroponic Vertical Garden Farm

If you want to start a small hydroponic farm on a budget, this DIY project here is for you.

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13. DIY Hydroponic Vertical Fodder System

What? Create a hydroponic fodder system to feed organic wheat and barley grass to your goats and chickens. Find the project here.

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14. Diy Vertical Aquaponic System

You can grow food vertically, using an aquarium and a utility shelf. Check out the DIY post at Garden Pool.


  1. Great work with superb intelligent ideas.Balcony Garden Web you have great gardening ideas which are going to help me and my community acquire food using small space.Thank you very much.

  2. Vertical gardens can pose a challenge when it comes to watering. Tall gardens may require special hose attachments to reach, while some hanging planters must be removed and laid flat prior to sprinkling. This hanging planter design makes the watering process easy with the addition of PVC pipes that have been drilled with holes to deliver water to plants. To replicate this smart irrigation trick, install the pipes before adding the soil and plants, then add a wooden lattice front for a polished look that helps hold the plants in place.


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