8 DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Ideas for Gardeners

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With these 8 DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Ideas, you can grow plants and have shade at the same time!

1. Umbrella Stand Planter

With these 9 DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Ideas, you can grow plants and have shade at the same time!

A normal flowerpot can be transformed as an umbrella stand. Check out the instructions here.

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2. Umbrella Table Flower Planter

DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Idea

A pot and a garden bowl perfectly lined up to hold plants as well as an umbrella! An exceptional DIY on a budget. Must see the tutorial post here.

3. Umbrella Stand Planter

Umbrella Stand Planter

An Umbrella stand planter is a fun way to display flowers and other plants. It’s anyway a better and attractive option than just planting the plants in simple planter pots. The DIY is here.

4. DIY Planter Umbrella Stand

DIY Planter Umbrella Stand

You can grow any variety of decorative plants or flowers to get the desired look for your umbrella stand planter. However, some plants may not be a good option for such planter. Choose on the basis of the space needs of the plant. Follow the project here.

5. Plant Umbrella Stand

Create a shady spot for yourself in the garden by recreating this huge umbrella stand and growing plants in it as well. Visit The Instructables to know the details.

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6. Umbrella Stand

Use a flower pot, PVC pipe, and concrete to make this umbrella stand planter for your patio or garden. Find it here.

7. Concrete Umbrella Stand

Click here to learn how to make a sturdy DIY umbrella stand for your place. It’s easy!

8. Planter Pot Umbrella Stand

To hold your umbrella firmly you need to have a concrete block, PVC pipe, soil, and pebbles. Easier and faster than the other DIYs due to lack of the cementing part. Follow the DIY here.

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