DIY Mosaic Planter Out of a Plastic Bottle

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Can you believe it? This beautiful pot is made out of a plastic bottle? Check out this DIY Mosaic Planter tutorial to make one for yourself.

DIY Mosaic Planter Out of a Plastic Bottle

You can make plant pots out of anything–bottles, toys, cups, jugs, glasses are some of the examples. Find out some of the creative DIY ideas here.

Required Materials

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint Spray
  • Scissor
  • Container

1. Cut the bottle

Cut the bottle using scissor or any sharp cutting tool.

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2. Cut them in equal size

Now, trim all the bottle pieces in the same strip size.

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3. Paint them

This is the main step, spray paint all the strip size pieces according to the color combination you want.

4. Cut the strips in small pieces

Once you paint them, cut the rectangular bottle pieces into a much smaller square shape.

5. Glue them on Pot

Use a glue gun to paste those colorful square pieces on the pot.

6. Selecting a Plant

For a colorful planter like this, choose a less showy plant, a succulent would be great.

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7. Ready to Display

Your DIY mosaic planter is ready to steal the show, place it anywhere you like.

For more details, check out the tutorial video!

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