5 Small Balcony Garden Ideas from Chelsea Flower Show 2021

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This year, Small Balcony Garden Ideas from Chelsea Flower Show became quite popular. And we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing these!

The Royal Horticultural Society of London challenged everyone this year who could make a pocket-sized realistic garden, and people didn’t disappoint! Here are the best Small Balcony Garden Ideas from Chelsea Flower Show!

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Small Balcony Garden Ideas from Chelsea Flower Show

1. Martha Krempel’s Arcadia Garden

Small Balcony Gardens at Chelsea Show

A balcony garden like this can be your little green escape from city life. It features a rustic palatial Indian wooden door along with a soft blend of orange dahlias, matching perfectly with the blue color of Salvia ‘Amistad.’ Martha Krempel also included Schefflera trevesioides in this setting.

To cover the balcony, she has used a pergola that also provides support to Virginia creeper to climb. Altogether, this garden offers rich tones of a painted backdrop, combined with a mini English landscape, along with some red earth and boulders. Yucca and Pomegranate trees add a hint of height to the little space.

2. Alexandra Noble’s Balcony of Blooms

Small Balcony Gardens at Chelsea Show 2

The Balcony of Blooms truly lives up to its name with various perennials and grasses. All this greenery adds a contrasting hue to the color and style of the building.

Two multi-stem spindles (Euonymus planipes) cement the fact that trees can be planted in a small space in containers and the color of the fruits beautifully complement the autumn shade on the foliage.

All in all, this garden proves that small spaces can be productive, practical, and enchanting.

3. Nicola Hale’s Landform Balcony Garden

Small Balcony Gardens at Chelsea Show 3

The Landform Balcony Garden stresses more on inviting wildlife by growing plants like Helianthus, Salvia, Aster, and Hyssop to attract butterflies and bees to the space.

Seven son tree adds some height to the garden, and Cornelian cherry gives the space the symmetry it needs. All this makes the balcony a perfect place to unwind and have a relaxing time while making sure you end up contributing to nature by inviting pollinators.

4. James Smith’s Green Sky Pocket Garden

Small Balcony Gardens at Chelsea Show 4

How gardening and living with nature contribute to good mental health is the theme of this design. James Smith has used two strawberry trees (arbutus unedo) along with a bronze sculpture to add a bold focal point to the balcony garden.

He has also added herbs like rosemary and thyme to invite aroma in the surroundings to make the atmosphere serene.

This lush pocket garden gives you an idea of how you can have your own green space in the city, which offers you a chance to connect with nature.

5. Michael Coley’s Sky Sanctuary

Small Balcony Gardens at Chelsea Show 5

The idea behind creating Sky Sanctuary is to have a balcony that provides a place of calm. Growing Anemones and Geranium Rozanne on a north-facing balcony adds a touch of green to the small space.

Michael Coley has also used plants like Ferns and Burkwood osmanthus to make the place look lusher and greener.

All the images used here are taken from The Royal Horticultural Society

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