25 DIY Bottle Garden Projects for Home & Garden

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Upcycle those unused old bottles in the most creative ways in your yard and home with these DIY Bottle Garden Projects in this post.

Don’t let the un-used bottles in your home go to waste. Here are some really cool DIY Bottle Garden Projects that you can implement to repurpose bottles that you’d otherwise never use.

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DIY Bottle Garden Projects

1. Hanging Glass Bottles with Ropes

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs

Hang old glass bottles and grow plants hydroponically. You can also use fake ones.

2. Plastic Bottles on Wall

A large empty wall can be a great place to grow multiple plants in plastic bottles.

3. Plastic Bottle Green House

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 2

How about using empty plastic bottles to make a mini greenhouse in your backyard!

4. Green Glass Bottle Planter

Ditch the same old planters and make an interesting one for flowers using green glass bottles.

5. A Bottle Arch

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 3

Stick glass bottles on a metal frame to give it a unique look.

6. Wine Bottles Candle Holder+Chandelier

Cut wine bottles and use them as planters and candle holders for a super cool look.

7. Bottle Flowers Art

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 4

Group empty wine and glass bottles to give them the shape of flowers in your garden.

8. Glass Bottle Garden Fence

A fence made entirely out of glass bottles will give your garden a classy look.

9. Outdoor Glass Posts

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 5

Multicolored glass bottle posts with diffused lighting will add a charm to your pathway.

10. Blue Bottles in the Yard

Place blue glass bottles over the top of metal or wooden sticks in your mini garden to add to the look.

11. Hanging Wine Bottles for Vines

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 6

Vining plants look absolutely charming in hanging wine bottles of different colors.

12. A Glass Bottle Tree!


Add different colored glass and wine bottle on a wooden pole to make a glass bottle tree!

13. Sparkly Wine Bottle Garden Edging

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 7

Make your garden path look more charming with sparkly wine bottle garden edging.

14. Low Bottle Planter

A three-row circular glass bottle planter is great for small gardens.

15. A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 8

All you need is a pine furring strip, Wine Bottle, drill, and wood glue to make this one.

16. Easy Garden Lights


Make easy garden lights using wine bottles and white Christmas lights.

17. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 9

Display real or fake cut flowers in a beautiful way in this wine bottle centerpiece.

18. Wine Bottle Water Feature

It takes a small space and looks really good with plants in wooden barrels.

19. Beer Bottle Path

Gorgeous Bottle Garden Designs 10

If you like this beer bottle path, then you can also try the same for yourself by clicking here.

20. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Enjoy the earthly sound by making a wind chime from wine bottles. Click here for details.

21. Mini Bonsai Inside a Bottle

Use real or fake bonsai inside a glass bottle with moss for a gorgeous looking showpiece.

22. Plants in Mason Jars

Grow plants of your choice in different colored mason jars.

23. Colorful Bottle Garden

Add real or fake orchid inside a large glass bottle for a mini garden look.

24. Hanging Plastic Bottle Garden

This hanging bottle garden is the best way to grow herbs or other plants in a small space.

25. Red Bottle Garden

Paint plastic or glass bottle in a shade of red and grow real or fake plants in them!

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