23 Fantastic Landscaping with Bamboo Ideas

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Here are some of the most stunning Landscaping with Bamboo Ideas that will help you transform the look of your garden without spending much!

Check out some fascinating Landscaping with Bamboo Ideas that will help you add a lot of appeal to your yard, both with bamboo plants and sticks. These ideas look smashing and are also super easy to maintain!

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Landscaping with Bamboo Ideas

1. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fence is an eco-friendly and flexible choice that adapts to a range of outdoor themes and areas.

2. Bamboo Gazebo

Build an elegant bamboo gazebo for an added appeal to the garden. It will stay dimensionally stable and strong as red oak.

3. Bamboo Hedge

Make a strong and aesthetic hedge using bamboo around your landscape. We have a great article on it here.

4. Bamboo Ground Cover

Many bamboo varieties come in beautiful shades, making them a perfect choice for groundcover. The best options are Chino Elegant and Indocalamus Solidus.

5. Bamboo Swing in the Garden

The rustic bamboo swing looks great in your garden! You can enjoy a leisure time by having a cup of evening coffee on it!

6. Bamboo Wind Chimes

The sound of bamboo wind chimes in the garden makes one feel calm. You can get a ready-made one or make it yourself!

7. Bamboo Fountain

The bamboo fountain looks eye-catching in your yard. There are many options available in the market, which you can pick according to the space you have.

8. Narrow Bamboo Walkway

Bamboo is strong and makes for a durable material for a path in the garden. It also makes for an attractive natural walkway.

9. Bamboo Garden Edging

Criss-cross bamboo garden edging looks beautiful around any garden. You can also pair it up with flowers and variegated plants.

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10. Bamboo Tiki Torch Anchors

The Bamboo Tiki Torch Anchors can be a head-turner in your garden! You can get them for LED lights, too!

11. Bamboo Spiral Garden


You can make a spiral garden using short bamboo poles. Add plants around and inside it to complete the look.

12. Bamboo Garden Bench

A simple, strong, elegant, and easy-to-make bamboo bench is all you need to spend an evening with a mug of coffee.

13. Bamboo Wall Accents

© Lori Hamilton Photography

If you have a bland wall in the garden, then you can up its looks by using bamboo stands. You can also paste or bolt bamboos on it in different ways.

14. Bamboo Pole for Shade

If you have a table and chairs in your garden, then you can use a bamboo pole to rest a shade. It will add a tropical appeal to the yard.

15. Vertical Planter from Bamboo

Make a vertical planter from bamboo and hang it by a wall to grow flowers or other plants of your choice!

16. Bambo Bin


Organize your garden clutter in style by making a bamboo bin. It is easy to make and can be completed in a day!

17. Bamboo Garden Divider

If you have a large garden, then divide it in style using bamboos. You can go for different shapes and designs of your choice.

18. Bamboo Walkway

A path in your garden, flaked by lush green bamboo plants, will look stunning. You can also add lights to make it stand out at night.

20. Bamboo Umbrella

Installing a bamboo umbrella in a garden is another cheap and amazing way to add appeal to the space.

21. Bamboo in Large Containers

Growing bamboo in large containers is one of the best ways to showcase the beauty of this plant. Even if you don’t have a large garden, you can grow multiple of them in big wooden or cement planters.

22. Bamboo Topiary

A bamboo topiary at the corner of a garden, or over a walkway would add an instant appeal to the yard.

23. A Corner with Bamboo


A corner of your garden with bamboo in lines complete with a table and couches on either side will be a spot for relaxing!

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