15 DIY Watering Globes Ideas For Busy Gardeners

These DIY Watering Globes are easy to make and perfect self-watering systems if you’re a busy person or forget to water your plants on time.

Watering globes are nothing but a way to create an automatic self-watering system for plants that save them from drought stress and provide a steady but slow supply of water. These can be handy when you’re out for some days or growing a finicky plant that doesn’t like infrequent watering. You can buy them or instead make homemade watering globes for almost free of cost, taking inspiration from these 15 DIY Watering Globes Ideas in this list.

Quick fishing in your recycle bin will give you a lot of items like milk jugs, soda bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, and juice cans that could be transformed as DIY Watering Globes. They will not be as fancy and good-looking but will do the work.

1. How to Upcycle a Bottle into a Watering Globe

Check out this detailed DIY post at Den Garden.

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2. Beer Bottle Watering Globe

Beer bottle will be functional and look good as well. Check out the tutorial here.

3. DIY Self Watering Globe Planter

This DIY here will teach you how to convert a standard container into a self-watering planter.

4. DIY Plant Watering Globes

The idea is the same–Create a water reservoir and attach it near the plant’s root ball so that it can supply the water when the soil is dry. Learn more here.

5. Plastic Bottle Watering Globe

It’s an easy-peasy DIY and good for gardeners in a hot climate. It requires an empty plastic bottle only. Get the steps here.

6. DIY Vacation Plant Watering Globe

Just with some a bottle and a couple of tools, you can make this vacation plant watering system before going out for holidays.

7. Watering Globe With Soda Bottle

Create an apartment drip irrigation system using soda bottles. It’s excellent for moisture-loving plants.

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8. How to Use Watering Globes

If you’re not much DIYs and considering to buy the commercial watering globes, this video will give you a quick review and tutorial on “how to use them.”

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9. Coke Bottle Watering Globes

For coca cola watering globes, use coca-cola bottles, it’s that simple. The DIY is here.

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10. Light Bulb Watering Globe

Instead of bottles, you can use light bulbs, it’ll look attractive. View the steps at Askix.

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11. Wine Bottle Plant Waterer

There are plenty of things you can do with wine bottles and one of them is this–Wine bottle waterer.

12. DIY Spray Painted Bottle Watering Globe

If you don’t want to use plain bottles, you can spray paint. We found the idea here.

13. Beautiful Glass Watering Globes

Check out this website to learn about a variety of DIY self-watering you can make all by yourself.

14. DIY Automatic Plant Watering Globe

Making an automatic plant waterer is ridiculously simple. Visit Chicago Now for the steps.

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15. Bottle in the Gems Stones Watering Globe

Inspired by Aqua Globes, this wine bottle watering device with copper tubing is as functional as the commercial one. Check out the tutorial here!


  1. Walmart has these great water cooler bottles for just a few dollars each. You can use those bottles to make a self watering planter that won’t need any attention for about a week or longer. This is a great one to make if you happen to have a few of those water bottles on hand. Plus, they are a bit larger than standard plastic bottles so you don’t have to add water as often and the base makes a wonderful planter for several different plants.


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