25 DIY Jewelry with Plant Ideas You Must Try!

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Elevate your style with stunning, nature-inspired DIY jewelry with some of the best DIY Jewelry with Plant Ideas.

Transform your love for nature into a work of art with these DIY Jewelry with Plant Ideas! From pressed flowers to dried leaves, unleash your creativity and adorn yourself with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Get ready to put your green thumb to the test and discover the endless possibilities of plant-inspired jewelry!

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DIY Jewelry with Plant Ideas

1. Succulent Ring

Succulent Ring

Here is an amazing succulent ring paired with a white bloom that you can make using simple succulents, blooms, wires, and some elbow grease. Check out the DIY here.

2. Succulent Necklace

Succulent Necklace

This succulent necklace is made out of wire, a chain, and an air plant. Here is the DIY.

3. Terrarium Necklace

Terrarium Necklace

Here is a wonderful piece of jewelry with a plant idea that you can make easily by adding a chain to a mini terrarium bottle.

4. Succulent Earrings

Succulent Earrings

All you need is a pair of hoops and a miniature succulent for some succulent jewelry to stand out at any party.

5. Rings of Grass

Rings of Grass

Have any old rings in your jewelry box? Turn them into mini garden beds with a touch of beautiful and vibrant grass.

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6. Macrame Pot Earrings

Macrame Pot Earrings

Look how amazing and cute these mini macrame pot earrings look. These will certainly spark a lovely conversation.

7. Floral Hairpin

Floral Hairpin

Stand out from the rest on your special day with this amazing hairpin made of fresh white blooms. Check out the DIY here.

8. Succulent Bracelet

Succulent Bracelet

This succulent jewelry will really grow on your body as you wear it. Don’t believe us? Check out the DIY here.

9. Echeveria Necklace

Echeveria Necklace

Who wouldn’t love to have this amazing necklace made out of beautiful rosettes of echeveria? Learn how to DIY here.

10. Necklace Bottles with Plants

Necklace Bottles with Plants

Follow this amazing idea to create beautiful necklaces from mini glass jar bottles and succulents.

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11. Plant and Resin Jewelry

Plant and Resin Jewelry

Pressed flowers and resin are all you need to create alluring jewelry that anyone would love to wear. Learn how to make it here.

12. Mini Terrarium Jewelry

Mini Terrarium Jewelry

Here is another amazing terrarium necklace that you can make yourself. Check out the tutorial here.

13. Succulent Bracelet

Succulent Bracelet

All you need is a brass cuff or chain and a vibrant succulent to make this enticing bracelet. Here is the complete DIY.

14. Lavender Plant Necklace

Lavender Plant Necklace

This DIY lavender flower pendant will turn heads everywhere you go. Learn how to DIY here.

15. Succulent Ring Jewelry

Succulent Ring Jewelry

Pick out an old ring and add a beautiful succulent to it using floral glue, and you have a wonderful succulent ring. Here is the DIY.

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16. Succulent Boutonniere

Succulent Boutonniere

Want to stand out at a wedding? Go for a succulent boutonniere instead of a regular one and steal the show. Here is the DIY.

17. Polymer Clay and Succulent Set

Polymer Clay and Succulent Set

Why go for a single piece when you could make an entire succulent jewelry set? Check out how you can make it here.

18. Echeveria Hairpin

Echeveria Hairpin

Follow this DIY to make an amazing hairpin of echeverias that will allure gazes with their thick and colorful foliage.

19. Resin Flower Earrings

Resin Flower Earrings

Take earring hooks, bead caps, eye pins, some danglers, and resin to create these beautiful resin earrings. Here is the DIY.

20. Floral Necklace

Floral Necklace

Turn beautiful flowers into everlasting jewelry with chains, resin, and some elbow grease using this DIY here.

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21. Kokedama Earrings

Kokedama Earrings

Who knew you could turn Kokedama into fantastic jewelry? Just follow this tutorial.

22. Succulent Ornamental Jewelry

Succulent Ornamental Jewelry

Here is a DIY to create mesmerizing succulent ornaments you can wear on your hands and clothes.

23. Succulent Bracelet

Succulent Bracelet

Create a moss base on an old bracelet and add succulents to the top for this amazing succulent bracelet. Check out the DIY here.

24. Planter Necklace

Planter Necklace

Here is a beautiful miniature white planter turned into a wonderful necklace that will definitely turn gazes. Learn how to DIY here.

25. Air Plant Pendant

Air Plant Pendant

These stunning air plant pendants that you can use to make necklaces or adorn bracelets. Here is the DIY.

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