28 Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas

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Go with Gladiolus and Poppy tattoos. Gladiolus symbolizes strength and sincerity, while Poppy represents remembrance and honor. Together, they signify strength to move on and cherished memories. Here are simple but cool ideas featuring both blooms.

Need a tattoo but don’t want the needle unless it means something good? Here are some smashing Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas!

Thinking of a cool plant-themed tattoo? Gladiolus and poppy inks might be your new best buds. These flower friends bring a bunch of meaning and good vibes. Let’s dive into why they could be your perfect pick for a nature-inspired tattoo.

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Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Gladiolus Flower Meaning

A gladiolus flower tattoo represents strength and sincerity. The tall and vibrant blooms stand for inner strength and honesty. People often choose this tattoo to symbolize resilience and straightforwardness in facing life’s challenges – making it the perfect ink for people making a positive change in their lives.

Poppy Flower Meaning

On the other hand, a poppy flower tattoo represents remembrance and honor. You can get these tattoos to remember loved ones or show respect for those who have served in wars. The bright colors of the poppy are for hope and gratitude.

So what do you get when you combine the two? Strength and remembrance! The gladiolus symbolizes inner strength and moral integrity, while poppies signify peace and remembering those we love. People get this tattoo as a reminder of cherished memories and for strength to move forward through the difficult time.

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Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas

1. Gladiolus Flowers for Family

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo

What a pretty idea of getting birth flowers for all your family members in an infinite loop.

2. Gladiolus and Iris

Gladiolus with Poppies Ink
Gladiolus and Iris

This pair of gladiolus and iris flowers on the back of the neck is the perfect feminine ink – delicate and inconspicuous.

3. Cute Gladiolus Floral Stem

Tattoo of Gladiolus and Poppy

You can also get a floral stem on the arm – gladiolus flowers are perfect for this.

4. Gladiolus with Morning Glory

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas

Pairing gladiolus with morning glories also works wonders. The morning glory is a symbol of love.

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5. Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoo

Ideas for Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoos

Here’s a lovely tattoo idea for you if you were born in August – a gladiolus floral piece.

6. Minimalistic Gladiolus


This small gladiolus ink might seem small, but it will make a huge impact on your skin.

7. Gladiolus on the Collarbone

Designs for Tattoos of Poppies and Gladiolides

You can also get a similar gladiolus on the collarbone. This one is to showcase love for a close friend.

8. Gladiolus on the Arm

Tattoo Designs of Gladiolides and Poppies

Arm tattoos are perfect because you can choose when to flaunt them or cover them up.

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9. Peony and Gladiolus Coverup

suggestions for gladioles and poppies tattoos

A gladiolus and peony coverup idea with a cross and gladiolus tattoo.

10. Gladiolus and Constellations


If you’re getting gladiolus as a birth flower, why not get it with the constellations for your sun sign?

11. Gladiolus on Upper Arm

Ideas for Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoos 1

The upper arm is the best place for a Gladiolus stem. Get it in black and white.

12. Floral Memorial Tattoo

Tattoo of Gladiolus and Poppy 1

Here’s a floral memorial tattoo with gladiolus flowers. You can also get your birth date with it.

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13. Poppy Flower

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo 2

Check out this pretty red poppy flower – simple beauty at its best.

14. Poppy and Veil Tattoo

Gladiolus with Poppies Ink 1

An intricate poppy on the arm in a shaded gray and black ink. It is a symbol of peace for a loved one who has passed away.

15. Poppy Ink Idea for Men

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas 4

Look at this masculine poppy tattoo that is bold. It stands for strength and resilience.

16. Poppy Bracelet Body Ink

Ideas for Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoos 5

This poppy and lavender bracelet will look absolutely beautiful on the arm. You should definitely get it.

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If you’re going for something minimal, here’s a fine line poppy for you.

18. Mini Poppy Ink

Tattoo Designs of Gladiolides and Poppies 1

Here’s another delicate poppy for those who like minimalistic tattoos.

19. Poppy Floral Masterpiece

Designs for Tattoos of Poppies and Gladiolides 2

Why not add a little bit of flair to the skin with a funky floral masterpiece with poppies?

20. Traditional Poppy Tattoo

Ideas for Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoos 3

You can also go with something traditional with a hint of tribal designs like this.

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21. Poppy Without Outline

Gladiolus with Poppies Ink 3

Check out this poppy tattoo without an outline. The soft edge gives it a unique appearance.

22. Poppy for Remembrance

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo 4

A poppy is the perfect flower for a loved one who has passed away – what a tribute!

23. Drawing Style Poppy

Tattoo of Gladiolus and Poppy 2

This poppy art with a patch of color gives it the appearance of a child’s drawing.

24. Poppy and Gladiolus Tattoo

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas

You can get the best of both worlds in a single tattoo by combining these flowers.

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25. Gladiolus and Poppy Outlines

Gladiolus and Poppy Tattoo Ideas 3

Ditch the colors and go for a fine outline of gladiolus and poppy. It’ll catch everyone’s attention.

26. Gladiolus and Poppy StemTattoo of Gladiolus and Poppy 4

You can also get this floral pair on the back for strength and a watchful eye. It will look stunning, too.

27. Pink Poppy and Gladiolus

Gladiolus with Poppies Ink 4
Flow Tattoo

Here’s another poppy and gladiolus tattoo piece without the outlines. It looks so good in pink.

28. Gladiolus and Poppy ArmbandGladiolus and Poppy Tattoo 3

Why not go with this armband style ink with poppies and gladiolus? It will look great on the wrist or ankle.

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Why a Poppy and Gladiolus Tattoo?

If you’re picking an ink for your body, this combination is perfect. The gladiolus will remind you to stand tall and be strong and brave, helping you in tough times. And the Poppy will be a peaceful, cozy one that will bring a bit of quiet to your thoughts. It will also show how the loved ones you’ve lost are always with you – no matter where you are.

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