12 Best Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter

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Are you looking for Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter? Here are some cheap ones to keep them safe during cold months!

Keeping indoor plants safe as the year approaches its end is essential to ensure they thrive in the colder months. Here are some creative and cost-effective Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter!

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deas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter

1. Make a Mini Greenhouse

Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter 1

What You’ll Need: Clear plastic bags and some sticks.

Using sticks, make a frame around your plants. You can also use plastic ones for the job. Once done, drape the plastic bag over the structure and viola! Your mini greenhouse is ready! It will trap humidity and provide enough warmth to the plants.

A Tip: Leave a little room between the plastic bag and sticks for the necessary air circulation.

2. Use Warm Water in Jars or Bowls

Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter 5

What You’ll Need: Glass jars and warm water.

You will need atleast two jars or glasses per plant for this project – the more, the better! Fill with warm water and place them 4-5 inches away from the plant.

As the water cools, it releases warmth and increases humidity – keeping the plants warm in the process.

3. Add Thermal Mass

What You’ll Need: Stones, bricks, or large water bottles.

Pick a sunny spot, like an east-facing window, and keep your plant there. Then, place these objects within 4-5 inches of the pot. During daytime, these will absorb warmth from the sun and radiate it around the plant slowly throughout the day.

Pro Tip: Paint the stones or bricks to match your room’s decor!

PS: Make sure these objects are not touching the windowpane. Also, if you have a room heater, it will work wonders!

4. Group Plants Together

Keeping plants in a close vicinity of each other creates a microclimate, which helps trap humidity and warmth around the plants – keeping them warm and safe from cold drafts.

Pro Tip: Choose a corner, as it helps trap the warmth better and makes a tropical spot inside the room, enhancing the ambiance!

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5. Utilize Warm Rooms and Spaces

Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter 5

A bathroom or a kitchen are great spots to keep plants – both are humid and generally warmer than the other places in the house.

Just make sure your plants get a minimum of 3-4 hours of sunlight daily.

6. DIY Heat Coils

What You’ll Need: Old Christmas lights (non-LED) and a flat surface.

Using traditional string light bulbs helps as they heat up when they are lit, unlike LEDs, which stay cool. Make a coil of these string lights around your pot, and light them up at night. This will help you to keep your beloved plants warm.

PS: Make sure the bulbs are not touching the leaves or stems.

7. Insulate and Wrap Plant Pots

Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter 7

You may have old blankets or clothes lying around your home, right? Well, put them to good use and wrap the pots using them – this will trap the heat, keeping the soil and plants warm.

Pro Tip: Choose warmers that complement your room’s decor.

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8. Add Reflective Material Around Containers

What You’ll Need: Aluminum foil.

Place aluminum foil around the pots in a way that they reflect the light, coming from a door or a window towards the plant.

Pro Tip: Cut the foil into decorative shapes for an artistic touch.

9. Draft Stoppers

Ideas to Provide Warmth to Plants in Winter 9

Using draft stoppers is a great way to prevent cold air from entering your home, which can benefit your plants, especially those near windows and doors.

You can easily DIY them at home. Click here to know how.

10. Make a Bubble Wrap Wall

Bubble wraps are great for insulation! Make their wall around plants, especially seedlings, to protect them from cold drafts. While you make its wall, ensure they are not touching the foliage. If needed, use stakes to secure the bubble wrap in place.

Added Advantage: It can also deter pests due to its texture and barrier formation.

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11. Carpets or Rugs

Keeping warm carpets and rugs beneath the containers is a brilliant idea to maintain warmth at the base of the plants, which keeps the growing medium safe from cold air.

Lay carpets or rugs beneath the pots to insulate from cold floors and provide a warmer base.

12. Use Electric Blankets

Place electric blankets under plant pots or wrap them around containers to create insulation. Keep them at the lowest setting and do some trial and error to reach the optimum temperature.

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Keeping Houseplants Warm in Winter – The Bottom Line

These tips provide an affordable way to keep indoor plants warm, which helps them thrive through the harsh winter. Remember, the key is maintaining a balance between warmth, light, and humidity for optimal plant health. Happy gardening!

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