12 Best Herbs for Protection | List of Protective Herbs

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Many plants possess spiritual properties to protect us from negativities and harm. Here is a list of the Best Herbs for Protection.

Best Herbs for Protection

For centuries, people from different cultures have believed that many plants have a divine power to protect humans from negative energy and other harm. This article will take you through the list of Best Herbs for Protection.

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Best Herbs for Protection

1. Basil

Best Herbs for Protection

How to Use it for Protection: Add Basil infusions to your bath and call on its healing properties for protection.

Basil is a staple in many gardens of Asia. This herb is considered a sacred plant and is grown for its spiritual protective properties. In case of exorcism spells, this herb is very effective and can be used in baths, floor wash, and sprays.

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2. Chamomile

top Best Herbs for Protection

How to Use it for Protection: You can ward off negative energy by placing the plant on windowsills.

For centuries it has been used in rituals to ward off negative energy and spirits and acts as a barrier when planted outside the home. As per herbal folklore, Chamomile is known as the herb of protection and purification.

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3. Peppermint

Amazing Best Herbs for Protection

How to Use it for Protection: You can use peppermint oil for aromatherapy to reduce stress, troubling thoughts, and negative energy.

Peppermint is known to have powerful antioxidant capabilities that support digestive health. As per Ayurveda, it’s believed to have a cooling effect and supports immunity, making it an important protective herb against diseases.

4. Thyme

Best Herbs for Protection in pot

How to Use it for Protection: Hang thyme in the bedroom to get rid of nightmares and bathe with it to achieve mental clarity.

Thyme helps in focusing on future goals and is good for protection from past traumas. It is a soothing herb associated with the elements of water and air.

This herb symbolizes courage and strength, which is good for the overall prosperity and wellness of an individual.

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5. Lemongrass

Amazing Best Herbs for Protection
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How to Use it for Protection: Diffuse lemongrass to increase intuition and clear negative energies, or bathe with the herb to cleanse your soul.

Lemongrass has quite a few spiritual and magical properties which are best for creating a good energetic space around homes for protection.

This is known as a herb of purification, which symbolizes clarity, focus, open communication, and protection.

6. Rosemary

Best Herbs for Protection

How to Use it for Protection: Use rosemary in food or as an oil to alleviate muscle pain and boost your immune system.

Rosemary is best for protection against black magic. It brings peace to the home and protects the marriage by bringing faithfulness.

This herb is used in floor washes and ritual baths and is known for improving memory.

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7. Dill

beautiful Best Herbs for Protection

How to Use it for Protection: Dill offers protection from nightmares and helps calm the mind if you hang dill stalks over your bed or place dill seeds under your pillow.

Dill is a powerful herb and can be used as protection from nightmares and for the overall safety of the house. Its strong scent is known to help in keeping negative energies at bay and gain clarity, prosperity, and good fortune.

8. Oregano

Best Herbs for Protection 8

How to Use it for Protection: You can burn dried oregano leaves to cleanse your home and diffuse oregano oil if you are unable to let go of past relationships.

A popular herb is quite popular for protecting from disease and improving health. It also attracts positive vibes, fortune, and success. It has been used in magic spells since ancient times to bring happiness and protection.

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9. Alfalfa

Top Herbs for Defence

How to Use it for Protection: You can add the dried herb to spells and charms or carry Alfalfa sachets for good fortune. 

Also known as Buffalo Herb and Purple Medic, this plant is associated with the planet Venus and Earth. It is best known for bringing prosperity, money, and luck, and it can be kept in the home to protect against poverty and hunger.

According to some beliefs, scattering the ashes of burnt alfalfa around your home helps maintain prosperity and wealth.

10. Nettle

Top best Herbs for Defence

How to Use it for Protection: Planting this herb at the entrance of your home keeps negative energies away.

Nettle is the best plant to place at your doorstep as it is known for providing the best form of protection from any unwanted or negative influences. It also contains potent antioxidants, which protect the body from aging and cell damage.

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11. Patchouli

Amazing Top Herbs for Defence

How to Use it for Protection: Keep it under your pillow for good dreams.

Patchouli is believed to bring luck and prosperity to life. It has been used since ancient times for protection against diseases due to its medical properties.

12. Sage

Top Herbs for Defence for home

How to Use it for Protection: Burning sage also improves your mood as it releases negative ions.

Sage has a strong, pungent aroma and a slightly bitter taste and is believed to have a number of health benefits, including the ability to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and enhance cognitive function.

Burning its leaves clears negative vibes from home and brings in good vibes.

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