Epsom Salt For Roses for More Flowers

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If your rose bushes are looking a little pale and dull, then our tips on the uses of Epsom Salt for Roses will do the trick to brighten them up!

Epsom Salt for Roses

Roses are the most beautiful flowers to have in your garden. With a huge variety of colors, you can grow many rose plants and bring various shades to your garden. For healthier plants, you need to take some extra measures for their disease-free growth. Using Epsom Salt for Roses is one of them: Its use can make this shrub healthy and productive. How? Find below in detail.

What is Epsom Salt?

Also known as a bath salt or magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt consists of magnesium, oxygen, and sulfur which are helpful for rose plant growth. Magnesium is essential for plants to produce chlorophyll, which is an integral part of photosynthesis. It also aids the plant in the absorption of phosphorus, which helps to boost plant growth and promote abundant blooms.

The presence of sulfur in Epsom salt also helps to synthesize essential enzymes and amino acids. Plants look chlorotic and show stunted growth due to sulfur deficiency. Also, Epsom salt prevents pests like snails and slugs and improves seed germination. Check out more countless uses here.

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How to Use Epsom Salt for Roses?Epsom Salt For Roses

There are many ways to use Epsom salt for roses. Either you can use it while or after planting, or apply it at any time as a fertilizer. You can also use Epsom salt whenever you see your rose bushes getting weaker. It’ll make them lush and improve flower production.

  1. In the soil-Prepare the soil with Epsom salt before planting roses. You need to add a cup of Epsom salt for every 100 square feet of soil. Mix the Epsom salt directly into the soil instead of sprinkling. You can also add one tablespoon of Epsom salt in the soil before planting roses, this will save it from transplanting shock.
  2. On the roots-Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in 1-gallon water. Stir the salt till it dissolves completely. Soak bare roots in this solution overnight. Make sure that only roots are covered by this solution and not any other part of the plant.
  3. At the base of the plant-After planting roses in the soil, sprinkle a little amount of Epsom salt to the topsoil and a tablespoon of it, for every foot. However, don’t exceed the quantity as it can slow down the growth and even kill the plant entirely. Water the soil after applying the Epsom salt, so the plant can absorb it. You can also dissolve it with water before applying it to the base of the plant.
  4. Foliar spray-Epsom salt also helps in treating yellow leaves of the plant. All you need is to take one tablespoon of Epsom salt and a gallon of water for one foot of rose bush. Increase the quantity as per the length of the rose bush. Fill this solution in a clean spray bottle and mist the leaves with this liquid once a week until you see good results. This solution will make the leaves vibrant green and keep the pests away from the plant.

Points to Remember While Using Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts For Roses Tips

  • Excessive usage of Epsom salt can make a negative impact on your rose plants.
  • Keep in mind not to apply Epsom salt when the rose plant is under direct sunlight, i.e. afternoon.
  • Epsom salt work as an organic fertilizer when your plants need magnesium and sulfur. Also, it is much safer for your pets as compared to chemical fertilizers.

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