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Upcycle used soda bottles by following these DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas! They are easy to make and don’t go hard on pocket!

If you want to grow more plants in limited space without spending much, follow these DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas and enjoy vertical gardening using waste bottles!

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DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas

1. Soda Bottle Tower Garden

DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas

Upcycle used soda bottles by building a vertical tower garden. Apart from plants, you can grow herbs in them as well. Read in detail here.

Learn to make a soda bottle garden sprinkler here

2. Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden

Make this super easy hanging pot garden with plastic bottles and grow your favorite plants. Check details here.

3. Vertical Garden

DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas 2

Utilize used plastic bottles to grow your favorite plants in a vertical tower garden. The tutorial is here.

4. Tower Garden

Create a tower garden by recycling plastic bottles and have more greenery in your home. The DIY is here.

5. Easy Bottle Tower Garden

DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas 3

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big garden—you can make a mini-tower garden using plastic bottles. Find the details here.

6. Reuse Bottles to Make a Tower Garden

Grow the plants of your choice in a tower garden made out of plastic bottles.

7. Moss Tower with Plastic Bottles

You can create a moss rose tower in any corner area. Follow the DIY here.

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8. Hydroponic Towered Window Farm Garden

Make a productive hydroponic window farm from plastic bottles in a towered form on a sunny window. Check the tutorial here.

9. Plastic Bottle Hydroponic Tower Garden

DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas 9

You only require some empty soda bottles and other basic things available in your home to make this towered hydroponic garden. The DIY is here.

10. Build a Towered Window Farm

Grow your own food in less space using plastic bottles by following this post.

11. Soda Bottle Tower Garden

DIY Bottle Tower Garden Ideas 12

Build a tower garden from soda bottles for growing veggies, flowers, and herbs with the help of this post.

12. Hanging Bottle Tower Planter for Cactus

Show off colorful cactus in hanging soda bottles. Click here to know all the details.

13. Vertical Bottle Garden

A vertical bottle garden like this in a room will help you save a lot of space while growing different plants together.

14. Self Watering Bottle Garden

Make a self-watering bottle garden to save yourself from the hassles of taking care of the plants’ watering schedule.

Learn some clever self-watering hacks here

15. Bottle Tower

Here’s a detailed video on how you can make a bottle garden for your small yard.

16. Bottle Tower Garden Project

Check out this video to learn everything about making a bottle garden to grow many plants in a tiny space!

17. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

Watch this video and propagate your favorite plants in a small plastic bottle garden.

18. Hanging Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

Try this beautiful hanging plastic bottle tower garden in a limited space. Get the tutorial here.

19. Flower Tower Pot from Plastic Bottles

Make this lovely flower tower pot by recycling plastic bottles. Find the tutorial here.

20. Recycle Plastic Bottles for Bottle Garden

Here’s a great video on how you can make a mini-tower garden using plastic bottles.

21. Tower Garden with PVC Pipes and Plastic Bottles

Make a colorful garden for your small front yard or a patio using the help from this video.

22. Clever Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

If you have an empty wall, use it to your advantage by making this colorful garden! Details are here.

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Watch a great video that we have made here

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