14 Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed or Tobacco!

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Here are the Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Marijuana or Tobacco. They are not addictive and come with some benefits.

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed or Tobacco

If you want to get high legally, then try out these Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed or Tobacco. Yes, you read that right!

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Why Do People Smoke Plants?

Some plants have properties that are beneficial to your health. Smoking them in a limited manner might help you reap some advantages. These plants can also help in:

  • Getting rid of nicotine/tobacco addiction
  • Enhancing Mood
  • Mental Simulation
  • Respiratory Support
  • Kick Out Stress
  • Spiritual Rituals/Ceremonies

Although it is best to keep in mind that you cannot smoke any herbs just because they are natural. Do your homework on any plant that you choose to light up.

Note: Do not forget that smokable plants are only meant for occasional use and not for every day. The main reason is that anything you choose to breathe into your lungs is not a good choice and might not be suitable for your health. Also, it is important to pick plants that are not chemically treated in any way. Wash the leaves and flowers before consuming them to get rid of any pesticides that the plant may have.

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed or Tobacco!

Here’s a list of plants that are non-addictive, non-hallucinogenic, unregulated, safe, and best of all—LEGAL!

1. Mullein

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus

Mullein is a biennial herb that grows up to 1-2 feet. For centuries, people have been using it as a tonic for the lungs as it helps stop coughing and breathing better.

Smoking Qualities: The smoke from Mullein is exceptionally mild and light and has no taste that may give you a feeling of smoking air. It can be a temporary tobacco alternative and provides relief in congestion by clearing mucus.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

2. Skullcap

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 2

Botanical Name: Scutellaria spp.

Skullcap is a spreading perennial that can make for an excellent groundcover. It has a light, calming effect when you smoke it.

Smoking Qualities: Skullcap has a fairly neutral flavor and is a medium smoke.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves and Flowers

3. Coltsfoot

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed 2

Botanical Name: Tussilago farfara

Coltsfoot is another beautiful plant that can quickly spread as a groundcover. It can grow up to 6-12 inches tall with optimum growing conditions. Coltsfoot helps in freeing phlegm from the lungs as it is an expectorant.

Smoking Qualities: With a neutral flavor, it is mild smoke. However, remember that if you take it in high concentration, it can cause harsh coughing.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

4. Mugwort

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 8

Botanical Name: Artemesia vulgaris

Many ancient cultures are known to smoke mugwort to boost lucid and vivid dreams. Also, it can produce a remarkably mild psychotropic effect when you are awake.

Smoking Qualities: Mugwort is a light smoke with a slightly sweet, pleasant flavor, while it doesn’t make you high like cannabis, it can definitely uplift your mood.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

5. Bearberry

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed 3

Botanical Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Uva-Ursi is a popular plant that you can use for landscaping. Native American tribes have been smoking this native plant for rituals/ceremonial purposes.

Smoking Qualities: Uva-ursi is a medium smoke with a strong earthy taste and has a mild stimulant effect.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

6. Mint

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 10

Botanical Name: Mentha spp.

Primarily, Mint is added to smoking blends to impart flavor. Many types of Mint are frequently used in smoking blends for experimenting purposes, like peppermint, chocolate mint, spearmint, lemon balm, and yerba buena. 

Smoking Qualities: Varies in flavor by species, but they all add a refreshing taste.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

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7. Sage

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed 5

Botanical Name: Salvia spp

Burning sage is a great spiritual practice of Native Americans.
Sage is also used primarily in smoking blends to add flavor. You can experiment with pineapple sage, white sage, and black sage. 

Smoking Qualities: It increases alertness and focus, the taste varies in taste by species.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

Note: Beware of Salvia divinorum as it is ILLEGAL due to solid psychotropic elements.

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8. Lion’s Ear

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 12

Botanical Name: Leonotis leonurus

With spiky orange blooms along the tall stalk, Lion’s Tail is a perennial plant that can grow up to 4-5 feet in height. Lion’s Tail has been used as a famous alternative to tobacco for many years now. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Smoking Qualities: Provides a calming, mild, and euphoric effect. Often it is compared with a lighter version of cannabis.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

9. Roman Chamomile 


Botanical Name: Chamaemelum nobile

Roman Chamomile is a native, perennial plant from Europe with a growing season from summer to autumn. It is primarily famous for its tea that you can drink to soothe your digestive system, sleep well, and calm your nerves. But you can smoke it, too!

Smoking Qualities: It provides a sedative and anti-spasmodic effect to help you relax your mind and reduce stress.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

10. Rabbit Tobacco 

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 16

Botanical Name: Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium

With stiff silver stems and narrow, elliptical leaves, Rabbit Tobacco can produce clusters of tiny flowers in white. Native Americans used its parts to treat many conditions such as pneumonia, diarrhea, insomnia, coughs, asthma, colds, flu, and insomnia.

Smoking Qualities: It has a mild sedating effect and it tastes bitter, sharp, and smells like maple. 

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves

11. Passion Flower

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed 78

Botanical Name: Passiflora incarnate

Passion Flower is a perennial with vibrant, curly petals, and you can easily spot one with purple flowers. In North and South America, it has been used as a sedative for many years. Also, it treats restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, and many pains. 

Smoking Qualities: It tastes earthy, smooth, and has a clove-like aroma with a mildly calming and sedating effect and provides a temporary high.

Which Part to Smoke: Flowers

12. Lavender

Best Smokable Plants & They are Not Weed 20

Botanical Name: Lavandula

This Mediterranean herb is known for its spiky, purple flowers that bloom in summer. It is one of the essential plants for aromatherapy for its tranquilizing, calming effect. Also, it is suitable for burns, bites, wounds, and stings.

Smoking Qualities: If you smoke Lavender, it provides a floral, smooth punch.

Which Part to Smoke: Flowers

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13. John’s Wort

Best Smokable Plants and They are Not Weed 11

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum

It is a shrubby perennial plant that you can distinguish easily by its bright, yellow flowers that grow in clusters. Studies have revealed that it effectively treats depression, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Smoking qualities: If you smoke St. John’s Wort, it tastes slightly bitter and sweet.

Which Part to Smoke: Leaves and Flowers

14. Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa

One of the most popular flowers globally, the rose can also be smoked in light quantities. It provides a calming effect and boosts mood, and you can also mix it with other blends to impart fragrance and mild add-on flavor.

Smoking qualities: It has a mix of sweet and bitter flavors. 

Which Part to Smoke: Flowers

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Disclaimer: Smoking anything can be injurious to health, and we don’t support it. This article aims to suggest alternatives for people who are trying to quit smoking. You can use these plants for recreational purposes, but please do thorough research before trying anything!

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