15 Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary

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Here are some Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary that you can try to give a different perspective to this versatile herb.

You don’t always have to pick a small pot and grow rosemary like you grow other herbs. How about going a little creative and cultivating it in different forms? We’ll help you out.

Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary

1. In Water

Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary1

A mason jar full of water with a rosemary cutting in it is a good way to showcase its roots!

2. As a Garden Plant

Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary2

You can surely grow this herb as a sprawling garden plant!

3. Train it to Become a Tree

Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary3

A rosemary tree by the window like this would turn many heads! We have an article on it here.

4. As a Mini Tabletop Centerpiece

Cool Ways to Grow Rosemary4

This one is the easiest to achieve as you just need a small pot for this one.

5. Grow them in an Old Kitchen Furniture/Cabinet

Rosemary growing ideas

Don’t throw away the kitchen cooking set or furniture – use it creatively to grow/display rosemary!

6. As a Companion Plant

 Grow Rosemary with companion plants

Rosemary can be a great companion plant to different vegetables or flowers in your garden. Grow it with marigolds, carrots, beans, berries, apples, black-eyed Susan to name a few!

7. In the Borders

 Ways To Grow Rosemary

A rosemary border like this will be a fragrant delight!

8. Give it Unique Shapes!

 Grow Rosemary in pot

Why grow rosemary in a plain, old fashioned way? How about pruning it creatively to make it stand out!

9. Make it Mimic Like a Fern!

 Cool Ways To Grow Rosemary in garden

Right pruning from an early stages of the growth and planting more cuttings in the pot can make rosemary look like a fern when it grows up.

10. Don’t Forget the Window Boxes!

 Grow Rosemary in windowsill boxes

A sunny windowsill is all you need to set up a window box and grow rosemary along with different herbs in it.

11. As a Trailing Plant

Ways To Grow Rosemary in trellis

The best thing about rosemary is the fact that you can train it to grow in a way you like – even like a trailing plant.

12. In Tea Cups or Other Kitchen Utensils

 Grow Rosemary in kitchen

Tea cups or other utensils in the kitchen can serve as creative pots to grow rosemary!

13. As a Mini Christmas Tree!

 Grow Rosemary in christmas tree

This is quintessential – a rosemary Christmas tree during the holiday season is must!

14. In Hanging Baskets

Grow Rosemary in hanging basket

Nothing like seeing a rosemary dangling down a hanging basket. Display it near a bright kitchen window to have a fresh supply!

15. With Other Herbs

Grow Rosemary with other herbs

Rosemary, with basil, coriander or any other herbs of your choice is always a good idea for the kitchen supply!

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