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Beginning a day in the cluttered restroom is quite demotivating. Learn How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger for a happy, refreshing start!

Here are some easy tips on How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger that will help you to make the best use of the available space!

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How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Use Plenty of Lights

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

Lights add a sense of spaciousness and drama to any room, and doing it in your small bathroom will make it appear bigger than it actually is.

2. Use Mirrors


Mirrors can give the impression of making a small room look larger. Hang a large mirror in a key area like your bathroom vanity to reflect space. You can also have one more placed strategically at a spot to make it reflect light.

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3. Add a Large Window that Opens to a Garden

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 2

A large window provides an outer view from the bathroom, especially to a garden, which is the best way to add a sense of space. You can also get that feeling of being close to nature every time you shower.

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4. Add Plants


A green zone in a bathroom brings calming effect and upgrades the look as well. Plants will make this personal space pleasant by adding a sense of peace and tranquility, and you’ll also get a feeling of being in a luxurious resort. Check out the best indoor plants for bathrooms here.

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5. Make it All White

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 3

The best way to make any bathroom appear bigger is to paint it all white. White reflects the light and creates a sense of additional space.

6. Use Tiles Upto the Ceiling

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 10

If you have a tiny bathroom, then the best way to make it appear large is to cover the walls with light-hued tiles or wallpaper.

This will create a sense of space by reflecting the light around while adding to the overall look of the washroom.

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7. Use a Clear Glass Shower Door


An opaque shower door cuts into the continuity of the space, which may make even a large bathroom appear small.

The best is to use a glass door that will keep the overall space in the view, making it appear large and roomy.

8. Let Plenty of Natural Light In

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 15

The best way to make any space appear bigger is to let plenty of natural light in. A tall window in a narrow and small bathroom is the best way to do it.

The light from the windowpane will also ensure that you can keep your plants there easily.

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9. Get Reflective Marble


Marble is the stone of choice for compact and small bathrooms, mainly because of its reflective surface, which helps to bounce off the light and space, making it appear bigger than it actually is.

Go for white varieties with streaks for that classy look.

10. Use Mirror Surface Tiles

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 20

Tiles with glossy or mirror surfaces will also help to reflect the light, adding drama and a sense of space and depth. Make sure you take them up to the ceiling for the best results.

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11. Apply Bright Colors


Use bright-colored cabinets and wallpapers, and the overall theme of the bathroom can divert the onlooker’s attention to these areas, which will make up for the less available space in the room.

12. Go with Wall Hanging Units

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 25

Seats on the floor can take up a lot of space, and installing a wall-mounted toilet will free it. The saved space beneath the toilet seat and floor will add an open dimension to the room, creating a sense of open space.

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13. Use the Maths of Curve


Straight walls might create a sense illusion that the room is cramped and has limited space. The best way to combat this is by using circular walls, which will add more space to the room while giving it a unique look.

14. Use Storage Around or Behind the Mirror

How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger 30

Additional shelves or cabinets for storage inside the bathroom can cover up the wall or floor, making it cramped. You can design a mirror with storage space on the sides and behind to keep your toiletries.

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