10 Impressive Bathroom Vanity Plant Ideas

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These bathroom vanity ideas will give you an option to beautify the vanity space in your powder room with plants.

Have a look at the plants you can grow in the bathroom here

1. Blues and Greens

Vanity Plant Ideas
Image Source:-historiasdecasa

A white and blue bathroom will look a lot more serene with the inclusion of different plants.

2. Plants Beside the Shower

Plants, right next to a shower section, bring the natural vibes.

3. Shower Full of Plants

Vanity Plant Ideas 2

There’s nothing like having a long bath surrounded by plants!

4. Modern Bathroom Design with Plants

Different plants on a modern large bathroom windowsill are great to look at.

5. Hanging Planter by a Wooden Ladder

Vanity Plant Ideas 3
Image Source:-digsdigs

A hanging planter, right next to a wooden ladder to hang towels, looks perfect.

6. Mini Vanity Addition!

The reflection of a mini potted plant adds a charm to the large glass.

7. A Decorative Bathroom

Vanity Plant Ideas 4
Image Source:-media-crdp

You can decorate your vanity space this way.

8. Rustic Style Bathroom

A rustic style bathroom vanity with wooden cabinet doors and potted plants on a metal stand.

9. Fake Plants Decor

Vanity Plant Ideas 5

A touch of greenery can make the space much better. If you can’t use real plants, use fake ones.

10. Antique Mirror on the Wall

A large vanity like this will look more luxurious after the addition of plants.

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