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Want to store everything smartly in the limited space of your washroom? Take a cue from these 46 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas.

With the help of these Small Bathroom Organization Ideas, you can transform the look of your mini bathroom utilizing every single inch of space cleverly!

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Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Hang Plant Basket from a Shower

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas
shutterstock/New Africa

One of the best ways to use a small bathroom to the fullest is to hang a plant basket in the shower. Adjust your shower head in a way so that it doesn’t end up Humidity-loving specimens like ferns and swiss cheese plants are a great choice.

2. Long Tension Rod Across Shower to Hang Towel and Pots

Bathroom Organizer Tips 02
shutterstock/Jason Finn

Have the best shower length solution with the help of a tension rod and S hooks—it will extend your storage space. You can place shower tools, washcloths, and scrubs.

3. Enlarge Space in Bathroom Cabinets With Lazy Susan

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 2

Arrange jars and bottles of body wash and scrubs in lazy susan with backstop, keep tall bottles in the center or at the edges so you can see them clearly, and pick when required.

4. Plastic Laundry Baskets on Adhesive Hooks

Bathroom Organizer Tips 04
Joe Lingeman

Keep bath toys, loofahs, and shower gels in storage baskets that also provide airflow. Use water-resistant hooks for fixing them.

5. Fix an Over the Door Shelf

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 7

Install a tiered shelf over the door frame to place linens and towels under reach, don’t forget to keep a stool nearby.

6. Recycle Your Bar Cart

Bathroom Organizer Tips 06

Turn your bar cart into a linen closet, store toilet papers, spare towels, and washcloths in baskets, and keep toiletries on top.

7. Adhesive Hanger

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 12

Install an adhesive hanger and keep your specialty bathroom cleaners under reach.

8. File Sorter for Keeping Washcloths

Bathroom Organizer Tips 08

Get rid of a tower of gauche folded washcloths that look like rags by arranging them in a rolled form in an upright file sorter.

9. Shelf on the Wall Beside Vanity

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 13

Keep things away from the counters by installing a shelf by the side of the vanity—it will give the whole bathroom a neat and collected appearance.

10. Use a Tray And Unite Small Things

Bathroom Organizer Tips 10

Organize your small bathroom essentials in one place by incorporating a tray on the counter next to the vanity.

11. Gather Towels in Baskets

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 14

Roll the towels and place them in baskets—it’s a function and fashion in a single trick.

12. Create Curved Shelving Around Pedestal Sink

Bathroom Organizer Tips 12

You can create a storage unit in pedestal sinks by adding a curved shelving unit into the space under your sink for storing necessary bathroom items.

13. Mini Boxes to Store Toiletries with Plant Baskets

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 15
shutterstock/New Africa

Hang mini wooden boxes on the wall to store different toiletries, You can also add hanging baskets to grow plants like ferns.

14. Cabinet Organizer on the Counters

Bathroom Organizer Tips 14

Place a cabinet organizer on the counter for storing substantial items that are kept under closed doors, such as cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

15. Install a Plastic Basket Inside Cabinet Doors

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 16

You can utilize the unused space on the inside of bathroom doors as they have huge storage possibilities. Simply hang plastic baskets for keeping bathroom essentials like razors, bottles, and female products.

16. Suspend a Tension Rod Inside Cabinet

Bathroom Organizer Tips 16

A tension rod across the cabinet beneath the sink can be used to hang towels, spray bottles, and make-removing clothes.

17. Shower Organizer from the same Hooks as Shower Curtain

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 17

A shower curtain rod does a dual-task, hang a curtain and add a small shower pocket organizer inside the curtain and get easy access to shower gels and loofahs.

18. Shower Caddy Across the Showerhead

Bathroom Organizer Tips 18

Hang a shower caddy and make an appealing space to store products like loofahs, scrubbers, and razors.

19. Organizer on the Mirror

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 18

No worries if you don’t have any wall space to fix a toiletry organizer that sticks on the mirror glass without the glue.

20. Mount Shower Caddy on Mirror

Bathroom Organizer Tips 20

Utilize the area on the glass shower door by mounting a shower caddy on it. From the combination of shelves and hooks, it’s quite versatile to fulfill your personal requirements.

21. Ladder-Style Shelves

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 20

Set ladder-style shelves in small bathrooms that are deeper at the bottom and shallow at the top. It gives considerable storage possibilities.

22. Hanging Closet Organizer

Bathroom Organizer Tips 22

Store linens, towels, or toilet papers without overburdening closets or cabinets in hanging closet organizers that give shelves without assembly or tools.

23. Place a Magnetic Knife Strip Inside Cabinets

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 21

Put a magnetic knife strip to keep the small metal bathroom items conveniently visible and approachable.

24. Mini Shelves by the Window with Potted Plants

Bathroom Organizer Tips 24

Introduce a sense of green and nature to the washroom by adding small shelves by the window. They will be excellent to showcase potted plants.

25. Suction-Cup Organizer on Bathroom Tiles

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 22

Make your own in-shower storage space from TISKEN line by IKEA; it provides no-drill bathroom updates for keeping hairbrushes, lotions, and other essentials.

26. Organizer through the Inside of the Door

Bathroom Organizer Tips 26

The area behind the bathroom door can be used more than a tower hook. Significantly enlarge your bathroom storage with over the door storage unit.

27. Bathtub Caddy For Extra Space

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 23

A bathtub caddy is an ideal place to keep bath oils and scrubs. It offers extra space in compact bathrooms. You can also use this tool to keep toothbrushes, skincare items, and other necessities. It is one of the best Small Bathroom Organization Ideas on the list.

28. Utilize Area Over the Toilet

Bathroom Organizer Tips 28

The unused empty area over the toilet can be used to keep baskets for storing washcloths.

29. Use Every Inch and Nook of Bathroom Wall

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 24

The empty bathroom wall is an area that can be smartly used for making shelves and including coveted storage units.

30. Narrow Rolling Shelf

Bathroom Organizer Tips 30

Hold reading items in the thinnest space next to the toilet by installing a narrow rolling shelf.

31. Basket with a Lid

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 25

If you do not like the look of overcrowded shelves in the toilet, then use a basket with a lid for keeping toilet paper refills and extra towels.

32. Shelves Above the Door

Bathroom Organizer Tips 32

Store the items that are not daily necessities in the bathroom by creating this extra space above the door. This unnoticeable area helps you in providing the extra area with proper air circulation.

33. Shower Curtain with a Tension Rod

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 26

Double up the space around the shower curtain by fixing a tension rod; it will offer huge storage possibilities. You can hang bathing suits, towels or suspend bathing tools.

34. Hanging Baskets

Bathroom Organizer Tips 34

Affix a wire basket to the bathroom wall for elegant shelving; you can keep towels and other essentials here.

35. Hide Behind a Mirror

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 29

Augment the storage area behind a full-length mirror by constructing a shelf for keeping shampoos, bath oils, and mouthwashes.

36. Plants in Old Fashion Tall Pots

Bathroom Organizer Tips 36

The inclusion of a plant in a vintage planter along with a trailing vine right above the tub will make it look fantastic. You can also use a ladder to hang towels.

37. Wine Towel Rack

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 30

Wine racks are the best tool for keeping rolled towels appropriately as they size the same as wine bottles after rolling.

38. Store Towel Conveniently

Bathroom Organizer Tips 38

Mount beautiful baskets in your bathroom for storing towels; it will also bring texture to the look. It is one of the cheapest and useful Small Bathroom Organization Ideas!

39. Spice Rack in Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 31

Install spice racks in the bathroom over the counter for keeping necessary items like toothpaste, brushes, and razor in it.

40. DIY Faux Floating Shelves

Bathroom Organizer Tips 40

Try this DIY by assembling these shelves over the toilet for showcasing small humidity-loving plants and other essentials.

41. Old Chair Makeover in Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 33

Remove the chair legs, shorten the seat into a shelf, and suspend it reversed, an old chair with straight back strips can be recycled into an eccentric towel rack.

42. Mason Jars in Bathrooms

Bathroom Organizer Tips 42

Attach mason jars to a wooden board for keeping Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes, and toothbrushes. One of the cheapest Small Bathroom Organization Ideas on the list for sure!

43. Rustic Crates

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 44
Sthefany Saibro

Make an open shelf by hanging a rustic crate on the wall, you can paint it or keep the natural hue. Store your make-up brushes, toothpaste, and other necessary items.

44. Swing Out Towel Rack

Bathroom Organizer Tips 44

Install this wall-mounted rack for keeping towels, it will not only dry them fast, but you can hang four towels on a single holder separately.

45. Metal Section For Plants

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 49

A metal section at the corner of your bathroom will be a great place to train vining plants and keep pots.

46. Ladder Behind the Toilet Seat to Hang Pots and Toiletries

Bathroom Organizer Tips 46

Fix a ladder behind the toilet seat in your bathroom to hang a potted plant, towel, and other essential toiletries.

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