26 Genius Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas

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Get inspired from these Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas to give a quick makeover to the restroom that you can also take away with you!

If you don’t want to spend a lot on the restroom makeover for a time being, then we have some cool Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas that will help you out!

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Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas

1. Add a Hanging Plant and a Basket

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas

Both of these are easy to add and you can also take them away with you when you’ll go!

2. Green Frame with Hanging Baskets of Plants


Here’s a quick and easy way to give a rental bathroom a quick makeover!

3. Macrame Planter with Potted Plants on Shelves


A macrame planter and potted plants are a cheap way to add a little personalized touch to a rental space.

4. A Green Spot

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 3

If you are a plant lover, then convert the corner of a tub into a green space where you relax and read while bathing.

5. Colorful Towel with a Tall Blue Rack


Let a colorful towel hang in the corner and tidy up the space by including a tall blue rack.

6. A Large Mirror and a Cute Planter

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 5

You just need a large mirror, a cute pot for the shelf, and a mini basket for the towel to make a rental bathroom look tidy and neat!

7. Shower Curtain, Bath Mat, and Handwoven Towels


A shower curtain, bath mat, and handwoven towels are all you need to make the rental bathroom feel all so special!

8. Picture Frames, Colorful Curtain, and a Wooden Toilet Seat Cover

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 9

Simple, colorful, classy, and effective. What more you could ask for!

9. Painting and Ladder

A colorful painting at one corner and a ladder right behind the toilet seat to hang pots and towels.

10. Add a Floating Wooden Shelf with a Marine Picture

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 10

A floating wooden shelf will give enough space for pots while the marine picture will complete the look.

11. Hang Baskets and Pots Using Hooks

Suspend a wire and hang pots and baskets of different plants!

12. Add a Multipurpose Bath Shelf Rack

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 16

A multipurpose bath shelf rack will keep the space tidy while storing all your essential knick-knacks.

13. Wooden Floating Shelves with Baskets

Here’s a cost-effective way to keep a rental bathroom organized while giving it a new avatar.

14. Potted Plant with a Matching Curtain

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 25

A potted plant on a mini plant table with a matching curtain is all you need to make the bathroom personalized!

15. Wooden Plank on the Tub

A mini wooden plank on the tub will help you keep soaps and shampoo with ease.

16. Hang a Pot on a Shower Head

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 45

Hang a potted plant on the showerhead in a way so that it stays dry when you take a bath.

17. Add Paintings and Hooks for Towels

Make your rental bathroom stand out by including self or ready-made paintings with towel hooks.

18. Add a Jewellery Holder on the Bathroom Door

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 77

A Jewellery holder is a neat way to keep things organized. You can hang towels, pendants, and other items of your choice on it.

19. Plant Stand, Ladder, and a Stool

A wire plant stand, ladder to hang towels and wooden stool is great way to transform the look of a rental bathroom. Do not forget to match the colors of all the towels!

20. Colorful Curtain, Round Mirror, and a Glass Jar for Cuttings

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 76

Add a glass jar in which you can keep cuttings and flowers of your choice or a faux plant. A colorful curtain and a round mirror will complement the look.

21. Tall Wooden Ladder with a Jute Laundry Basket


Wooden bathroom accessories are a great way to glam up a rental space and also help you to keep things organized.

22. Wooden Cubby for Baskets

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 39

A wooden cubby, right above the washbasin, will give you all the space you need to keep your baskets organized for toiletries.

23. Colorful Rugs and a Potted Plant on Washbasin


A simple take on how you can make a bathroom stand out with a potted plant and colorful rug.

24. Bird Nest Fern on a Wooden Cabinet

Rental Bathroom Plant Decor Ideas 11

Put a Bird Nest fern in a glossy planter on top of a wooden cabinet to add a classy charm.

25. Add Wall Art

Stick different pieces of art on the empty space on the wall behind the toilet seat.

26. Paint it White


You will be surprised to know what a simple white paint can do to transform the look of a bathroom completely!

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