3 Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

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Learn everything about the Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings! Grow them on your special day!

If you have your special day in the third month of the year then check out the Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings!

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Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

1. Daffodils

Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings 1

Botanical Name: Narcissus

Daffodils are domestically grown in Asia and  Europe in the Mediterranean and temperate climates. It is the first perennial to flower after the winter frost.

The blossoms emit pleasant fragrances ranging from delicate to sugar to spicy, according to the species, and are found in pink, peach, white, and other shades.

Daffodil: The Best March Birth Month Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The daffodil portrays good luck, new beginnings, good fortune, and prosperity. However, each daffodil’s yellow, pale petals shine like a golden bulb in sunlight, representing the light of hope and life. It is considered that if a daffodil flowers on New Year’s day, it leads to good luck for the whole year.

This birth flower also signifies joy, dependability, and happiness. It can be a perfect gift for people born in the month of March. Daffodil is a great choice to give to someone you love ardently.

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2. Jonquils

March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Botanical Name: Narcissus jonquilla

Native to Spain and a variety of Daffodils, the fragrant yellow flowers arise from underground bulbs and display round leaves. They offer alluring perfume, making them unique and seductive. Jonquils symbolize cherish and remembrance.

According to Greek folklore, jonquil March’s birth flower denotes despair and misery. So, give it accordingly, as it also expresses condolence. It is both March and December birth flowers.

Jonquils: The Best March Birth Month Flower Meaning & Symbolism

This March birth flower symbolizes love; it signals nostalgia and delicacy.

Jonquils are an ideal way to recall someone you miss who is close to your heart. It represents remembrance, and the positivity of this yellow flower expresses the best wishes for the person it is being delivered to.

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3. Gladiolus

Amazing Best March Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Botanical Name: Gladiolus

This beautiful flower from the Iris family (Iridaceae) belongs to Africa, the Mediterranean, and southern Europe. It is also popular as ‘Sword Lily’ due to the sword-like appearance of its foliage.

The blooms are divided into five categories that suggest size from large-flowered and miniature. During mid to late summer, the trumpet-shaped blossoms open in pink, white, red, purple, and yellow shades.

Gladiolus: The Best March Birth Month Flower Meaning & Symbolism

This March month’s birth flower has been a symbol of victory, healing, strength, honor, and strength. It is also related to remembrance, intelligence, and moral character.

During the Victorian era, visionaries considered the beauty of the gladiolus could penetrate another’s heart with love. In floral interpretations, the bloom also represents infatuation, faithfulness, and love at first sight.

Each color embraces a different meaning; pink symbolizes compassion and a mother’s love, and red means romance, love, and passion. White flowers denote purity and innocence. Yellow signifies joy and friendship, and purple epitomizes beauty and fortune.

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