16 Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room

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Explore the list of Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room and give your space a classy and trendy look!

Here are some of the Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room that will do well in indirect light, need less attention, and are also easy to maintain!

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Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room

1. Air Plants

Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room

Suggested For: Tabletop decor

Style your dining table with gorgeous airplants, grow them in a trendy glass terrarium. Check the best DIY closed terrarium ideas here.

Here are the best air plants you can grow

2. Begonias

Image Source:-hgtv

Suggested For: Anywhere in the dining room

If you want to grow one of the most beautiful plants indoors, then begonias must be your pick! They do well in bright, indirect sunlight. Just keep them away from your pets.

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3. Golden Pothos

Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room 2
Image Source:-reddit

Suggested For: Dining Table Decor

Golden pothos can be an excellent addition to your dining room decor; you can grow them in beautiful vases in water or soil. They look best on shelves or from a hanging basket.

Here’s all you need to know about growing pothos indoors 

4. Philodendron

Suggested For: Floor Decor

This low-maintenance houseplant is popular for air-purifying abilities and beautiful appearance. The plant thrives well in dappled indirect light.

Learn how to grow philodendron indoors here

5. Marble Queen Pothos

Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room 3

Suggested For: Shelf Decor

This cascading vine pothos can be a stunning addition to your dining room. It’ll look best on the table or hanging baskets. It does well in both partial and full sun.

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6. Succulents

Suggested For: Tabletop Decor

Succulents like echeveria and haworthia can be an excellent choice to style your dining table. They are easy to maintain, and you don’t have to water them much too!

Here are the best indoor succulents you can grow with ease 

7. Umbrella Plant

 Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room 4

Suggested For: Floor Decor

The lush green foliage of ‘Umbrella Tree‘ can add an extra dimension to your dining room decor. Grow this plant in the corner or by the table. It also removes toxins from indoor air.

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8. Monstera

Suggested For: Floor Decor

Another great choice for the dining room floor decoration, you can also grow monstera in water to decorate the tabletop too. Grow it in containers for big foliage.

9. Dracaena

Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room 5

Suggested For: Floor Decor

Dracaena offers a range of varieties for the decoration of your dining room. It’s easy to maintain, looks great with contrasting foliage, and also purifies indoor air.

Have a look at the benefits offered by dracaena plants here

10. Orchid

Suggested For: Dining Table Decor

The exotic, fragrant, colorful orchids can brighten up any space with their exquisite appealing beauty. Pick a suitable variety for the dining room here.

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11. Bird of Paradise

Suggested For: Floor Decor

Create a larger than life look with this elegant houseplant. For best growth, keep it near a bright window where it can avail 4-5 hours of full sun.

12. Rubber Tree

Suggested For: Floor Decor

When sat in a corner, the glossy thick deep green foliage of rubber tree will look great in your dining room. It needs low light to full sun to thrive happily.

Here’s everything you need to know about growing rubber tree

13. Cacti

Best Indoor Plants for Dining Room 7

Suggested For: Anywhere according to the size

Indoor cactus plants have become a trend in modern home decor. You can grow large cactus plants in your dining room on the floor. Keep them in bright light for best growth.

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14. Arrowhead Vine

Suggested For: Dining Table Decor

Decorate your tabletop with the beautiful arrowhead vine showcase it in the decorative vases. If you have a shaded dining room, go for green varieties and not variegated ones.

15. Lucky Bamboo

Image Source:-costafarms

Suggested For: Dining Table Decor

The best part is, you can grow this good luck plant in water in stylish transparent pots as a centerpiece! It does great indoors and looks cool in its compact form.

Here’s all the information you need about growing lucky bamboo

16. Mint

Suggested For: Dining Table Decor

Grow mint on your dining table if it gets some sunlight, and snip fresh leaves for cocktails! This aromatic herb will also fill the atmosphere with a fresh fragrance.

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