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Decorate your home and garden with style including a few of these 17 Best Christmas Flowers! They look stunning and bring a festive spirit.

Here are the Best Christmas Flowers that will be an adorable addition to your home, lending a floral charm to your room decor. They will also make for wonderful gifts.

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Best Christmas Flowers

1. Christmas Rose

 Best Christmas Flowers
Shutterstock/Natalia Greeske

Botanical Name: Helleborus niger

Christmas Rose is not a traditional rose and belongs to the Buttercup family. It blooms from late fall to early spring and is one of the most beautiful flowers for Christmas. 

2. Poinsettia


Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

When it comes to picking Christmas flowers, there could be nothing more iconic than the Poinsettia! With striking vibrant red attractive flowers, SORRY, these are actually modified leaves–it matches the traditional Christmas decoration. 

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3.  Roses

Botanical Name: Rosa

 roses have been a part of the Christmas cut flower arrangements as the vibrant color matches the tone of the festive season!

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4. Hydrangea


Botanical Name: Hydrangea

As some hydrangeas can retain their flowers up to winters you can add them to your festive arrangements.

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5. Boat Orchids

 Best Christmas Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Cymbidium

These are popular flowers to decorate churches and alters and also make for an elegant addition to the Christmas bouquets. They come in green, pink, and yellow shades. 

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6. Winter Honeysuckle

Shutterstock/Nick Pecker

Botanical Name: Lonicera fragrantissima

Winter Honeysuckle is a fragrant shrub with a sweet and warm scent that can fill up your garden or home during the festive in the winter. 

7. Christmas Cactus

 Best Christmas Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera bridgesii

Christmas Cactus’ blooming coincides with Christmas, and they are also a great gift option and are an excellent addition to your houseplant collection with red, pink, white, or purple-colored flowers. 

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8. Anthurium


Botanical Name: Anthurium

In contrast with the dark-green-colored foliage, the bright, broad red-colored bracts add to the Christmas decor and give festive vibes. 

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9. Candy Cane Sorrel


Botanical Name: Oxalis versicolor

In red and white contrast, these tiny flowers have a trumpet shape and make a fantastic addition to the house during Christmas time! Fun fact – these flowers resemble the shades of the candy children love during Christmas!

10. Azalea


Botanical Name: Rhododendron

Azaleas look excellent in winters with red and pastel colored blooms that match the traditional Christmas colors and also make for beautiful centerpieces. 

11. Moth Orchids

 Best Christmas Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

If you are looking for a stylish plant to add to your Christmas windowsill decoration, look no further than Phalaenopsis Orchid. Give it bright indirect light for best growth.

12. Cyclamen


Botanical Name: Cyclamen

Cyclamen comes in white, purple, and pink petals with stunning remarkable foliage. Thanks to its combination of flowers and leaves, it will surely add to the festive spirit!

13. Amaryllis

 Best Christmas Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis is a perfect fit for the traditional Christmas decoration. Pair it with other flowers on this list for the best display.

14. Bleeding Heart Vine

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae

This red and white flowering vine is a beautiful addition to Christmas decorations. You can grow Bleeding Heart Vine quickly at a bright sunny spot in well-draining soil.

15. Paperwhites

 Best Christmas Flowers 8

Botanical Name: Narcissus papyraceus

Paperwhite flowers can make any decor stand out with their white blooms. The best part is, they also give out a sweet scent.

16. Holly

Botanical Name: Ilex

You cannot leave Holly out if you want to have the classic Christmas wreath and bushes in and around your home. Its foliage and red berries make it stand out.

17. Mistletoes

 Best Christmas Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Viscum album

Mistletoe has close ties with Christmas and a kiss from the Victorian era of the 18th century. Though it is not a flower, no Christmas decoration is complete without a Mistletoe, and that’s why it is on this list!

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