13 Most Beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage

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Have a look at the most beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage that you can grow in your rooms to add a lot of color and appeal!

Orchids are famous for their flowers, but there are also some beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage that add more to the look of the plant! Find the best ones below!

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Orchids with Decorative Foliage

1. Marbled Jewel OrchidMost Beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage

The beautiful dark green leaves of the marbled jewel orchid are covered in white veins that turn into an intricate pattern as the plant leaves mature. People grow it more for its leaves than for its white and pink flowers.

2. Paphiopedilum delenatii

Most Beautiful Orchids

This orchid with dark green leaves covered in light green and white spots is perfect for decorating any corner of your home. They are named after the French orchid enthusiast, Delanat.

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3. Coffey Orchid

Orchids with Decorative Foliage

You just can’t miss the Coffey orchid if you’re searching for orchids with decorative leaves. The foliage on this one gives it a lovely appearance, as the leaves are edged in yellow.

4. Black Jewel Orchid

 Beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage

The velvety texture of the black jewel orchid appeals to many and is perfect for rooms with a natural and light hue. Long pink lines complement the velvety leaves.

5. Lady’s Slipper

Most Beautiful Orchids with Decorative Foliage indoor

Lady’s slipper orchids are beautiful and distinctive. But this is not because of the flowers. Their broad, pleated, and patterned leaves deserve the credit.

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6. Maxillaria OrchidThe most exquisite orchids with ornate foliage

The narrow, elongated leaves of the Maxillaria orchid look beautiful in printed and plain pots alike. The white spots on the foliage are loved by many.

7. Miltonia Orchid

Orchids with Decorative Foliage 7

You can go with a tabletop decorative piece with many decorative orchids, but we suggest you pick the Miltonia. The long leaves and dual-toned flowers cannot be matched in beauty.

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8. Dendrobium moniliforme ‘Tama’lovely most exquisite orchids with ornate foliage


Tama is a variegated species that does not grow too tall. Its white flowers look good but the glossy green leaves with yellow lines make it stand out. It is perfect for tabletop and shelf decor.

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9. Macodes OrchidThe most exquisite orchids with ornate foliage

If you want to make a statement, go with the Macodes orchid. The velvety light green foliage of this one is covered in fluorescent veins that run in beautiful textures. These veins also sparkle in light.

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10. Dossinia Orchid

The Most Gorgeous Orchids with Decorative Leaves

The Dossinia marmorata is another jewel orchid with decorative foliage. This one has darker leaves with intricate copper-to-gold veining. The veins also exhibit hues of pink, sometimes along the edges. It can put even variegated leaves to shame.

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11. Variegated Dendrobium nobile

Orchids with Decorative Foliage 11

This variegated Noble Dendrobium variety has long, narrow leaves of green with edges that have a white-yellow border. The leaves also have lines of the same hue that resemble brush strokes.

12. Orchid Vanda ‘Variegata’

 Gorgeous Orchids with Decorative Leaves

If you love dual-toned decorative foliage, you must have this beautiful orchid in your collection. The leaves of the Vanda are a nice green color mixed with lines of lemon yellow running along the entire length.

13. Paphiopedilum ‘Maudiae’The Most Gorgeous Orchids with Ornamental Greenery

This variety has delicate blooms of white or dark purple on tall stems. But its decorative foliage of a dull green covered in dark green patterns truly steals the show.

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