What to do in Garden in December | To Do List for Gardening in December

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If you are not sure What to do in Garden in December, then here’s a list of some really useful and fun things you can do for your plants and yard.

The chilly month calls for special care for your plants and other items in the yard. If you are not sure about the things you need to care for, here’s a guide on What to do in Garden in December!

Here’s what you can do in the Garden in October 

What to do in Garden in December

1. Clear Away Snow

What to do in Garden in December

The first thing you need to do is clear off the snow from the garden and plants. The weight of the snow can break away tender branches and stems of the plants. Avoid using salt as it can damage the plants.

Use a broom to clean off a large area and a little brush for small plants.

2. Cover Plants


Many plants can withstand freezing months, but providing them an extra layer of protection will keep them safe. Keep your potted and garden plants covered with a layer of cloth, burlap, bubble wrap, plastic, or a shed to save them from low temperatures and snow.

3. Trim and Prune

What to do in Garden in December 2

It’s the correct time for cutting dead branches of bushes, trees, and shrubs for perfect growth in the coming season. It becomes easier to see where and what to prune in winters as there is less foliage. Pruning will encourage productivity and new growth.

4. Feed Birds


Arrange seeds for feeding birds as they cannot depend on fruits and worms during winter. Place the bird feeder on a spot that is protected from chilling, strong winds.

5. Clean Gutters

What to do in Garden in December 3

Clean the gutters after the trees have shed leaves in the fall. It will ensure that the water flows freely when the snow melts.

6. Add a Layer of Mulch


Mulching is not only necessary during spring to lock moisture and control weed, but it also plays a vital role in winter.

Mulching in December will help the plants to be in dormancy, preventing them from sprouting new growth. As the new shoots will die in the cold weather, mulching will conserve them this way.

7. Start Composting

What to do in Garden in December 4

Decomposition indeed becomes slow in winter, but it does not justify stopping to compost. When the weather becomes warm eventually, compost will begin to cook again.

8. Place an Order for Seeds and Bulbs


Plan ahead as seed catalogs begins to appear in early winter. Give some time to prepare for your spring garden and start ordering the seeds of the plants to add to your collection.

9. Take Care of Potted Plants

What to do in Garden in December 5
Shutterstock/Maya Kruchankova

After getting plants to the room, keep them near a window where they get bright indirect light. Ensure they are a little away from the windowpane. This is also the right time to bring the potted plants indoors to save them from frost.

10. Clean and Store Your Garden Tools for the Coming Season

As you might not be using the garden tools, clean and oil them. Keep them in a toolbox away from soil and snow. This will help them to be in good condition until you use them again when the winter is over.

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