Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats? Are Spider Plants Toxic?

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Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats? Worrying about what to do if your pet nibbles them? Don’t worry! We have the answer for you!

We all have a lot of affection for our pets and are always concerned about their health. This concern becomes the cause of distress if you are a cat owner and have a home full of indoor plants. Some of the popular houseplants come in the category of plants poisonous for cats and dogs as per ASPCA, and this creates a reason to look at spider plants with mistrust. So, Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats? Let’s find out!

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Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats?

Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats

If you recently saw your feline nibbling spider plant, take a breath of relief as this plant is non-poisonous to cats. The spider plant does not come in the list of poisonous plants for cats and dogs according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

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Why Do Cats Eat Spider Plants?

When you own both the spider plant and cat, then you must be aware of the fact that how much your feline loves to encounter it. It’s because spider plant contains chemical compound related to opium that creates a mild hallucination, and this is the main reason why cats love this plant.

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Side Effects of Overeating Spider Plants

Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats 2

You don’t need to worry much as the spider plant is not toxic to cats and termed as harmless. But keep an eye, because exessive eating may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting in some cats. If you notice any change in the behavior of your pets (as you are familiar with how normally they react), don’t waste time and give a call to your vet.

How to Keep it Out of Reach?

Cats are not dogs, and keeping things out of their reach is most difficult. However, if your cat is consistent at eating spider plant excessively and damaging your plant, follow these measures:

  • Hang it high enough so that your cat can’t reach it.
  • The dangling leaves of your spider plant may attract your cat more towards it. It’s better to prune it and keep it tidy.
  • Distract your cat by growing cat grass and other cat-friendly plants.


Cats are curious by nature, and they love to explore. It will be better to set safety norms for your feline. Try to keep spider plants distant from their reach. Hang the basket containing spider plant on height, and trim it timely. Spider plants are not poisonous to cats, but excess consumption may cause certain complications.

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