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Can Cats Eat Rosemary? Is Rosemary Toxic To Cats?

Can Cats Eat Rosemary? Is Rosemary Toxic to Cats and Dogs? Find out all the answers in this informative post!

Cat owners often find their felines nibbling on stuff they are not sure about. It can be a cause of distress. After all, we don’t want our pets to come in harm’s way just because of our ignorance. One such dilemma of cat owners is that if they should allow the cats to nibble on rosemary or not. Many herbs are toxic to cats and dogs, which brings rosemary under the doubt, too. Let’s settle it ones and for all and find out the answers of questions–Is rosemary toxic to cats? Can cats eat rosemary? Learn how to grow rosemary in pots!

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Is Rosemary Toxic to Cats?

If you recently saw your cat munching on rosemary and worried about any harm coming their way, calm down. Rosemary is not toxic to cats, and if taken in small amount won’t cause any trouble. Rosemary is excluded from the list of poisonous plants for cats and dogs by American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). You can see for yourself here.

Rosemary contains volatile oils that when consumed in large quantity can cause depression of the nervous system or stomach upset. But you don’t need to worry about cats consuming that much quantity. As the natural diet of cats include meat so even though they nibble on rosemary out of curiosity, they won’t like it much.

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Rosemary has a strong flavor that discourages animals, including cats, from taking more than a bite or two. There is no chance whatsoever of cats chewing on such large quantity of rosemary that it causes harm. Rest assured you can leave your cats around rosemary plant whether it’s in your back yard or home.

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