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16 Great Ideas For Garden That You Can Do From Everyday Objects

With these 16 frugal DIY ideas for garden, you can enhance the way your garden look like. Check out!

1. DIY Hose Reel

diy hose reel

Make this unique and inexpensive hose reel from a rim and a spray paint of your favorite color. Find more about this idea here.

2. Use Muffin Tins to Plant Seeds

great ideas for the garden (1)

Use a muffin tin to create evenly spaced planting holes to plant seeds. Read more of it on A Thrifty Mom

3. Use Fruit Crates as Planter

crates as planter

You can find wooden fruit crates at dirt cheap rate or absolutely free in fruit shops or grocery stores. Use them to grow plants!

4. Wine Bottle Edging

wine bottle border

If you like to collect wine bottles this idea is for you. Make wine bottle edging in your garden. Read many other ways to use wine bottles here.

5. Garden Markers from Old Spoons

great ideas for the garden (4)

Old metal spoons can be beaten flat carefully with a hammer and then painted creatively to make cheerful markers. See detailed post on Turning The Clock Back.

6. Diet Coke Can Hacks

great ideas for the garden (10)

Empty cans must not be thrown away. You can spray paint them and use to put cut flowers or herbs or to grow some plants. See this amazing YouTube video to learn how to do this.

7. Bottle Fence

bottle fence

This might be tricky, use bottles to make interesting things in your garden.

8. Tire Planter

tire planter

If there are creative juices flowing in your blood, make colorful tire planters. Treat this as an opportunity to upcycle old tires that probably would have been eating space of your garage. Learn more about it.

9. Hanging Herb Garden from Coffee/Tea Cups

tea cup herb garden

If you want a little herb garden within easy reach for some fresh herbs when cooking try this idea.

10. DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs

ladybug golf balls

Make these pretty ladybugs for your garden from golf balls, here’s the tutorial.

11. DIY Garden Art Mushrooms

diy mushrooms

She used stainless steel bowls to make these mushrooms. Read more about this project here.

12. Knotted String Hanging Planter

Knotted String Hanging Planter

For this fun DIY, you’ll need strings to make a hanging planter from the recycled material. Bowls, jam jars, plastic takeout containers, and yogurt cups can all be repurposed into a modern and functional hanging planter. Check out the tutorial here.

13. Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer planter

A shoe organizer is a wonderful way to build a vertical garden. This not only looks great but it saves space as well. To make this, just fill each shoe space with potting mix and plant your favorite plants. Tutorial here.

14. Hanging Gutter Garden

hanging gutter garden

Old gutters can be repurposed into a great hanging gutter garden. It is one of the best ways to use up the vertical space. Strawberries are super easy fruits to grow in gutters, check it out.

15. DIY Plant Picture Frame

diy plant picture frame (1)

With just a few household items you can DIY a succulent living wall. We have got a tutorial available.

16. Frying Pan Birdbath

frying pan + lamp birdbath

Have an unused lamp and a frying pan? Use it to create a birdbath. See the more of it here.

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With these 16 frugal DIY ideas for garden, you can enhance the way your garden look like. Check out!


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