20 Practical DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden

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Do you have some old jugs lying around? Here are some wonderful DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden ideas that you can utilize in your yard!

Have a look at some easy DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden that will help you add an interesting appeal to your yard!

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DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden

1. Milk Jug Bird Feeder

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden

All you need is a clean milk jug, two 12-inch dowels, some string, an Exacto knife, and some scissors for this DIY.

2. Start Seeds In A Milk Jug

Yes! You can start seeds in a milk jug as long as you know how to do it right. Find out all the details here.

3. Milk Jug Flower Pot

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 2

It’s an easy gardening project, and you can also involve your kids in it! Details are here.

4. Milk Bottle Watering Can

Make a watering can from a plastic milk bottle – perfect for small hands or small plants!

5. Totem Pole From Milk Bottle

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 3

Make this fun Totem Pole from discarded plastic milk jugs and some paint.

6. Easter Bunny from Milk Jug

Here’s a fun and easy Easter Bunny Milk Jug Craft for you to do with your little ones!

7. Milk Jug Yellow Jacket Trap

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 4

Here’s an informative video on how to make a yellow jacket trap using an old milk jug.

8. Milk Jug Shovel

Here is a small little shovel that you can make for your kids from a milk jug. Details are here.

9. Recycled Milk Jug Planters

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 5

Make planters from recycled milk jugs. It’s a great way to recycle your plastic milk cans!

10. Milk Bottle Luminaries

All you need are some plastic milk cartons/jugs, sharp scissors, and tea lights for this DIY.

11. Milk Jug Igloo

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 6

If you have lots and lots of empty milk jugs, then you can use them all to make an igloo in your garden with the help of this video.

12. Greenhouse Space Saver

Here’s a great greenhouse space saver idea using old milk jugs.

13. Sow Seeds Outdoors in Winter Using Milk Jugs

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 7

All you need is a clean plastic milk jug, plant tags, seeds, and potting mix for this DIY.

14. Garden Hanging Containers from Plastic Milk Jugs

Make hanging containers from milk jugs! It is a fun greenhouse space saver project! Details are here.

15. Self Watering Milk Jug Planter

DIY Milk Jug Uses in Garden 8

This self-watering milk jug planter is a great project for growing any plants of your choice.

16. Elephant Lanterns

These Elmer Lanterns brighten up any space with their colorful design & make great night lights for children’s bedrooms.

17. Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug

Say goodbye to the brown sack lunchboxes and make some new ones using old milk jugs! Details are here.

18. Whale Milk Jug Kid’s Craft

Here’s a great DIY that your kids are going to absolutely love you for!

19. Milk Jug Face Planter

Milk jug, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, hole punch/items to poke holes with, scissors, and some other tools are all you need to make this one.

20. Outdoor Chandelier from Milk Jugs

Yes! You can make a quirky chandelier using just the milk jugs! Details are here.

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