25 Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

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As there are many Amaryllis Colors and Varieties, picking the best of the lot can be quite a task. Well, we have made it easy for you!

From fiery reds to delicate pastel hues, each Amaryllis Colors and Varieties has a vivid story of beauty and elegance!

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Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

1. Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’

Amaryllis Colors 1

The Red Lion amaryllis has deep red and large petals. Its a favorite for holiday and festive decorations.

2. Hippeastrum ‘Apple Blossom’

Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

These amaryllis boast soft, pale pink petals that resemble the gentle beauty of apple blossoms in spring, hence the name.

3. Hippeastrum ‘Minerva’

best Amaryllis Colors

With a striking combination of red and white, this variety symbolizes passion and purity, making it an exquisite choice for special occasions.

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4. Hippeastrum ‘White Nymph’

Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties in pot

Nymph amaryllis exudes a sense of serenity and grace with its delicate while hue, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate classic beauty.

5. Hippeastrum ‘Charisma’Amaryllis Colors Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

Charisma amaryllis stands out with its unique salmon-pink blooms with a subtle hint of apricot. Its gentle hues are ideal for creating a relaxed, cozy ambiance.

6. Hippeastrum ‘Orange Sovereign’

Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties in White pot

Its brilliant orange blooms are great for any setting or occasion! This variety is perfect for those who appreciate the cheerful side of amaryllis.

7. Hippeastrum ‘Papilio’

best Amaryllis Colors 7

With maroon-red petals and a distinct green throat, its colors and patterns make it a conversation starter!

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8. Hippeastrum ‘Lagoon’

Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

Lagoon Amaryllis offers a mesmerizing blend of pink, purple, and white. This variety also stands out for that contrasting color combo of blooms and foliage.

9. Hippeastrum ‘Ambiance’

lovely Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

It features elegant soft pink blooms with a white star at the center. This variety is an excellent choice for celebrations and gatherings.

10. Hippeastrum ‘Picotee’

Top Amaryllis Varieties and Colours

This one showcases white petals with delicate red edges, resembling a watercolor painting. It’s an elegant choice for people who like subtle tones in flowers.

11. Hippeastrum ‘Green Goddess’

best Top Amaryllis Varieties and Colours

This one stands out with its striking green and white blooms. Its fresh and modern appeal makes it perfect for contemporary spaces.

12. Hippeastrum ‘Black Pearl’

Top Amaryllis Varieties and Colours

True to its name, it displays deep maroon-red, almost black, blooms. This variety is great for introducing a sense of drama to the space.

13. Hippeastrum ‘Double Delicious’s

Top Amaryllis plants Varieties and Colours

If you love double blooms, this must be on your center table! A vivid red color matching its green stalks makes it an eye-catcher for sure!

14. Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’

best Top Amaryllis plants Varieties and Colours

These flowers exude a two-tone shade and can be a mix of yellow-green or white-green. It’s a refreshing variety that’s perfect for brightening up any space.

15. Hippeastrum ‘Cherry Nymph’

beautiful Amaryllis plants Varieties and Colours

It features cherry-red petals that may sometimes have a streak of white here and there. This combination renders it a dynamic and lively presence.

16. Hippeastrum ‘Minerva Deluxe’

Top Colours and Varieties of Amaryllis

A variation of the classic Minerva displays a darker, more pronounced red-and-white contrast. This variety adds a bold and striking character to any floral arrangement.

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17. Hippeastrum ‘Samba’

Amaryllis Colors 17

Samba amaryllis is a festive variety with bright red and white striped petals. It’s a perfect choice for special occasions and festivities.

18. Hippeastrum ‘Samba Queen’

Top Colours and Varieties of Amaryllis indoor

This variant offers a playful appearance with its red, white, and yellow hues on the large flowers, adding flair and vivacity to your floral displays.

19. Hippeastrum ‘Benfica’

Greatest Amaryllis Colours and Varieties

It is a striking variety with deep red blooms and a few ‘dots’ of yellow in the center of each petal. This combination creates a dramatic and eye-catching display.

20. Hippeastrum ‘Double Dream’

best Greatest Amaryllis Colours and Varieties

Large red flowers outlined with light white hues set this variety apart from the rest! It is a great choice for gifting and pots on the patios!

21. Hippeastrum ‘Sumatra’

Greatest Amaryllis plant Varieties

Sumatra amaryllis is a rich, velvety red variety with a deep burgundy throat. A superb choice for creating a dramatic and romantic atmosphere.

22. Hippeastrum ‘Ferrari’

Outstanding Amaryllis plants Colours and Varieties

It offers intense red blooms with slightly fringed petals. This variety exudes a sense of passion and excitement.

23. Hippeastrum ‘Misty’best Outstanding Amaryllis plants Colours and Varieties

Misty amaryllis showcases delicate pink petals with a hint of lavender. Its soft and soothing colors create a sense of tranquility and serenity.

24. Hippeastrum ‘Sweet Lilian’Outstanding Amaryllis plants Varieties

The Sweet Lilian amaryllis features soft pink blooms with white accents and a green throat. This combination makes it a delightful choice for gifting.

25. Hippeastrum ‘Elvas’

Amaryllis Colors 25

This has to be the most striking and out-of-the-box variety on this list! It has a mixture of red, yellow, green, and white hues, making it a striking specimen!

Best Amaryllis Colors

Amaryllis flowers come in beautiful colors, perfect for indoor gardens.

You can go with the classic Red Amaryllis, like ‘Red Lion,’ bringing holiday vibes. White Amaryllis, such as ‘Alfresco,’ for adding some elegance; Pink Amaryllis, like ‘Apple Blossom,’ for a subtle, romantic touch.

Want bold energy? Why not go with an Orange Amaryllis, like ‘Orange Sovereign,’ for a lively pop? If you’re into patterns, Striped or Multicolored Amaryllis, like ‘Minerva,’ will give a unique, eye-catching look with their mix of colors.

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