What to Do in Garden in October | 18 Things To Do in Garden in October

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Autumn is here and if you are worried about taking care of your yard, then read on to learn What to Do in the Garden in October!  

There are a lot of things that you can do in the garden after September ends. Whether it’s keeping the yard cleaner, planting new plants, or harvesting, we have some really helpful autumn gardening tips to make you get the most from your garden. Let’s have a look at What to Do in the Garden in October! 

Here’s What to Do in the Garden in September

What to Do in the Garden in October

1. Clean it Up!

What to Do in Garden in October

That’s the basic and the most important thing you need to take care of in October. The leaves have fallen in September; now is the time to clean them off and collect them in bags. Leave them, and they’ll turn into leaf mold, which is a very useful soil enhancer. Tidy up the greenhouse, gutters, ponds, and water butts.

Cover up the wooden garden furniture, and move terracotta pots indoors so they don’t crack or freeze.

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2. Mulch!

If you have young plants in your garden, then cover them with a 2-4 inches layer of mulch to keep them safe from the cold. You can use bark, shredded leaves, or straw.

Mulching in October insulates the soil, giving a warm surrounding for the soil food web, earthworms, and microbes. Warm soil will keep the organisms active in the cold season.

Here’s how you can use pine needles for mulch

3. Weed Out the Garden

It is important to weed your garden in the month of October. Doing it this month will save you from weeding all over again in the next spring and summer.

Also, clear weeds from gravel paths and driveways as they deteriorate the overall look.

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4. Grow Vegetables

Garlic, cauliflower, beets, lettuce, mustard, carrots, onions, kale, cabbage, and collards are some of the best choices you can grow in the month of October.

Note: If you live in a frost-free region, you can also plant strawberries this month. Don’t forget to mulch!

5. Grow Flowers


Carnation, Pansy, Calendula, Sweet William, Lupine, Dianthus, and Snapdragon are some of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in the month of October.

Split-up spring-flowering herbaceous perennials to make sure healthy plants that will remain year after year.

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6. Plant Hyacinths Indoors

Grow hyacinths in vases to add winter fragrance and a pop of color to your home. To have hyacinths during Christmas, purchase bulbs that are labeled ‘prepared’ and plant them in the first week of October.

A Tip: It would be a great idea to buy flowers from a garden center. This will make sure that they open around Christmas!

7. Harvest Pumpkins

Pumpkins that you had planted in April would be ready to harvest in October. Use them for Halloween decorations or make pies and savory dishes. You can also make bird feeders using them.

8. Protect Plants

Before frost and snow arrive, check for any tropical potted plants that you may have in your garden. Bring them indoors to keep them safe.

Take a look at the high structures like sheds, fences, and gates that are weak as they can rot in October. Insulate the outdoor pots by covering them with bubble wrap.

9. Pick Green Tomatoes

What to Do in Garden in October 4

Before the frost hits and ruins your tomatoes, it would be wise to pick all the green ones and ripe them indoors. You can also make delicious fried tomatoes from green tomatoes, too!

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10. Harvest Beans and Peas

After harvesting peas and beans in October, cut the plants away at the ground level. This would leave the roots, releasing nitrogen slowly into the soil, making it healthier for the other plants.

11. Harvest Potatoes

If your potatoes haven’t died, then October is a good time to harvest and store them in bags. Dig a part of the soil to check how mature they have become.

If the outer skin feels thick, then they are good to go. If the skin feels thin, leave it in the ground for a week or so.

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12. Create Compost Bins

Make compost bins using a plastic or wooden storage box in your garden to collect dead plant materials and fallen leaves. Recycle spent compost from annual pot displays as mulch in the garden.

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13. Improve the Condition of Garden Soil

What to Do in Garden in October 8

This is the right time to do a soil analysis. Also, put a layer of shredded leaves, compost, and rotted manure. You also have the option to add a fresh layer of new soil to the garden. Till it lightly, water well and your garden will be good as new!

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14. Cover Up the Water

If you have a mini water pond or a water feature in your garden, then clean and cover them up to prevent leaves from falling into them and creating a mess behind.

15. Protect Flower Bulbs

If you have dahlias, gladiolus, cannas, and tuberous begonias in your garden, then this is the right time to save them from the coming frost. Dig them up and dry the bulbs in a dark room. Store them in vermiculite or peat moss.

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16. Clean up Bird Baths

Clean up birdbaths in October. Birds should be coming into the garden during the colder months, and it would be a good idea to keep the feeders ready for them.

They are beneficial for the garden as birds keep pests down. Take off the netting from fruit cages so birds can eat pests that are hiding there.

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17. Prune Perennials

What to Do in Garden in October 10

October is also a good time to give perennials like peony, catmint, bearded iris, black-eyed Susan, coneflower, and hosta a nice pruning. Take out the dead and dying foliage using sanitized shears.

18. Store Pots

It would be a great idea to clean up clay and ceramic pots at this time of the year and bring them indoors or store them in a garage. If you live in a cold region, extremely low temperatures outside can make the pots crack, rendering them useless.

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