13 Best Variegated English Ivy Varieties

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These Variegated English Ivy Varieties are stunning options for places where you want it to trail with two-tone leaves! 

Variegated English Ivy Varieties feature leaves with multiple colors, typically in shades of green, white, yellow, or cream, creating a striking visual contrast. Here’s an all-inclusive list, along with details on their leaf colors!

Here are the best English Ivy alternatives you can grow! 

Variegated English Ivy Varieties

1. Hedera helix ‘Glacier’Variegated English Ivy Varieties 1

This variety is known for its small, silvery leaves edged with creamy white and green hues. It’s a compact ivy, making it ideal for small spaces or containers.

2. Hedera helix ‘Goldchild’

Featuring green leaves with bright gold edges, this ivy is particularly striking. The intensity of the gold color can increase with more sunlight.

3. Hedera helix ‘Kolibri’

Variegated English Ivy Varieties 3

Kolibri ivy has leaves with a unique combination of green and white. The leaves are primarily green with a splash of white in the center, giving it a frosted appearance.

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4. Hedera helix ‘Anne Marie’

This variety displays medium-sized leaves with a distinct heart shape. The leaves are predominantly green with broad, creamy white margins.

5. Hedera helix ‘Buttercup’

Variegated English Ivy Varieties 5

In full sun, the leaves of Buttercup ivy turn a bright, sunny yellow, while in shade, they remain a more muted green-yellow. It’s a cheerful and vibrant addition to any garden.

6. Hedera helix ‘Adam’


The leaves of Adam ivy are deep green with irregular splashes of yellow or light green. It’s a more subtle variegation compared to some others.

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7. Hedera helix ‘Eva’

English Ivy Varieties 7

Eva ivy is characterized by dark green leaves with light green to cream margins. It’s known for its elegant and refined appearance.

8. Hedera helix ‘Ivalace’


The leaves of this variety have a unique, lacy appearance with dark green centers and light green edges. They also have a slightly curled shape, adding to their charm.

9. Hedera helix ‘Sagittifolia’

Variegated English Ivy Varieties 9This ivy features arrow-like leaves with prominent variegation. The foliage has white and cream hues, creating a dynamic look.

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10. Hedera helix ‘Midas Touch’


This variety has a distinctive look with its gold and green variegated leaves. It’s known for its lush, dense growth.

11. Hedera helix ‘Golden Ingot’

Variegated English Ivy Varieties11

Its leaves are characterized by a vibrant, golden-yellow hue at the center, which beautifully contrasts with the rich, deep green edges. The foliage has a glossy sheen to it.

12. Hedera helix ‘White Wonder’


A striking variegation of creamy white and deep green distinguishes its leaves. The edges are predominantly white, which gradually blends into the green at the center.

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13. Hedera helix ‘Calico’

Variegated English Ivy Varieties 13

Its variegated leaves change hues according to the sunlight the plant gets,  making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening.


When growing these Variegated English Ivy Varieties in your garden or home, it’s important to consider their light requirements and growth habits.

These ivies generally prefer bright, indirect light to maintain their vibrant colors, and they can be prone to reverting to all-green leaves if not provided with enough light. Regular pruning can help maintain the variegation and encourage fuller growth.

These ivies are versatile and look stunning in hanging baskets, as ground covers, or trained to climb structures.

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