30 Birds with White Stripes on Wings

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Birds with White Stripes on Wings – a feature that sets them apart from the other ones and also makes them stand out!

 Birds with White Stripes on Wings might not be as common as the other ones in your area, which makes identifying them quite a task, but not anymore! This guide will help you with everything you need!

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Birds with White Stripes on Wings

Do note that some of the birds on the list may not have a prominent or bold white srtipe on the wing and exibhit a faint hue of the same. 

1. Snowy Owl

Birds with White Stripes on Wings1

Scientific Name: Bubo scandiacus

Native to the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia, the Snowy Owl boasts pure white plumage with distinctive black markings. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings inhabit open tundra and grasslands.

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2. Osprey

Scientific Name: Pandion haliaetus

Ospreys exhibit a white head and chest with a prominent dark eye stripe. They primarily inhabit coastal areas, building large nests near water bodies. Ospreys are skilled hunters, who use their sharp talons to catch fish.

3. Herring Gull

Birds with White Stripes on Wings3

Scientific Name: Larus argentatus

Herring Gulls, with their white wings and grey stripes, are common along coastlines and lakeshores in North America and Europe. They thrive in a variety of habitats, from urban areas to remote islands, scavenging on a wide range of food.

4. Pied Flycatcher

Scientific Name: Ficedula hypoleuca

The Pied Flycatcher, with its white wing bars, is common in Europe and Asia. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings inhabit deciduous woodlands and are popular for their insect-catching prowess during migration.

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5. Arctic Tern

Birds with White Stripes on Wings5

Scientific Name: Sterna paradisaea

Arctic Terns display elegant white wings with a black cap during breeding season. They undertake the longest known migration, traveling from the Arctic to Antarctica.

6. American Avocet


Scientific Name: Recurvirostra americana

Residing in North America, American Avocets have white wings with striking black wingtips. They frequent shallow wetlands and mudflats, probing for aquatic invertebrates with their unique bills.

7. European Goldfinch

Birds with White Stripes on Wings7

Scientific Name: Carduelis carduelis

European Goldfinches showcase white wingbars while inhabiting gardens and open woodlands across Europe. Their distinctive appearance and delightful song make them popular among birdwatchers.

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8. Willow Warbler

Scientific Name: Phylloscopus trochilus

Willow Warblers have subtle white wing bars and are common throughout Europe and Asia. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings prefer coniferous woodlands for breeding.

9. Northern Mockingbird

Birds with White Stripes on Wings9

Scientific Name: Mimus polyglottos

Common in North America, Northern Mockingbirds feature conspicuous white wing patches. They adapt well to urban environments and have the ability to mimic other bird species.

10. Great Blue Heron

Scientific Name: Ardea herodias

With white wings and a majestic stature, Great Blue Herons are common in wetlands and marshes across North America. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings are patient hunters, striking at fish and amphibians with precision.

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11. Eurasian Jay

Birds with White Stripes on Wings11

Scientific Name: Garrulus glandarius

Eurasian Jays exhibit striking white wing patches and inhabit woodlands and gardens across Europe and Asia. These birds cache food for future consumption.

12. Eastern Kingbird

Scientific Name: Tyrannus tyrannus

Eastern Kingbirds have white wing markings and are common throughout North and South America. These agile aerial hunters mainly catch insects.

13. White Winged Crossbill

Birds with White Stripes on Wings13

Scientific Name: Loxia leucoptera

Native to North America, these birds have conspicuous white wingbars. They inhabit coniferous forests and extract seeds from pine cones with their unique bills.

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14. Chipping Sparrow

Scientific Name: Spizella passerina

Chipping Sparrows have white wing markings and are widespread in North America. They frequent suburban areas and open woodlands, singing their distinctive songs during the breeding season.

15. Lesser Whitethroat

Birds with White Stripes on Wings15

Scientific Name: Sylvia curruca

Lesser Whitethroats have subtle white wing bars and are native to Europe and Asia. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings prefer scrublands and thickets, where they hunt insects and build cup-shaped nests.

16. Black Tern

Scientific Name: Chlidonias niger

Black Terns exhibit white wing patches and are common in wetlands and freshwater lakes across North America and Eurasia. They are graceful aerial foragers, catching insects on the wing.

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17. Black Capped Chickadee

Birds with White Stripes on Wings17

Scientific Name: Poecile atricapillus

Common in North America, these birds sport white wing feathers and are known for their distinctive “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” calls. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings thrive in woodlands and are adept at caching food for the winter.

18. Northern Wheatear

Scientific Name: Oenanthe oenanthe

Northern Wheatears display prominent white wingbars and are migratory birds common across Europe, Asia, and North America. They favor open habitats and are popular for their distinctive tail-wagging behavior.

19. Eurasian Magpie

Birds with White Stripes on Wings19

Scientific Name: Pica pica

Eurasian Magpies have white wing patches and are common in Europe and Asia. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings can adapt to a variety of habitats, including urban areas, where they scavenge for food.

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20. Eurasian Bullfinch

Scientific Name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Eurasian Bullfinches have subtle white wing bars and are native to Europe and Asia. They inhabit woodlands and gardens, where they feed on seeds and buds.

21. White Tailed Ptarmigan

Birds with White Stripes on Wings21

Scientific Name: Lagopus leucura

White-tailed Ptarmigans, with white wings and plumage, are well-adapted to alpine environments in North America. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings change their plumage color with the seasons, camouflaging against the snow.

22. White-throated Sparrow

Scientific Name: Zonotrichia albicollis

White-throated Sparrows have white wing bars and are common in North America. They are often found in forested areas, where they forage for seeds and insects.

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23. Blue-winged Warbler

Birds with White Stripes on Wings23

Scientific Name: Vermivora cyanoptera

Blue-winged Warblers feature eye-catching white wingbars and are found in North America. They prefer shrubby habitats and are insectivorous during the breeding season.

24. White-browed Scrub Robin

Scientific Name: Cercotrichas leucophrys

White-browed Scrub Robins, with white wing markings, are found in sub-Saharan Africa. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings are popular for their melodious calls.

25. American Kestrel

Birds with White Stripes on Wings25

Scientific Name: Falco sparverius

The American Kestrel is native to the Americas, recognizable by its white wing markings. These agile hunters thrive in diverse environments, preying on insects, small birds, and rodents, making them notable in their regions.

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26. Cedar Waxwing

Scientific Name: Bombycilla cedrorum

The Cedar Waxwing is a North and Central American bird known for its sleek appearance, black mask, and yellow-tipped tail. Common in woodlands and gardens, they are social birds that travel in flocks and have distinctive calls.

27. White-winged Widowbird

Birds with White Stripes on Wings27

Scientific Name: Euplectes albonotatus

The White-winged Widowbird is native to sub-Saharan Africa. Males have glossy black plumage and striking white wing patches. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings thrive in grasslands and savannas.

28. Magpie Lark

Scientific Name: Grallina cyanoleuca

The Magpie Lark is a native bird of Australia and southern New Guinea. Recognizable by its black and white plumage, it frequents open areas like parks and urban spaces.

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29. White-winged Triller

Birds with White Stripes on Wings29

Scientific Name: Lalage tricolor

The White-winged Triller is a small bird native to Australia and Southeast Asia, known for its white wings and black mask. These Birds with White Stripes on Wings reside in woodlands and forests, feeding on insects and fruits.

30. Willet

Scientific Name: Tringa semipalmata

The Willet is a coastal bird found in North and South America. Known for its gray-brown plumage and white wing stripes, it probes for aquatic prey with its long bill in marshes and wetlands

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