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Are you out of tissue roll? Turn to Mother Nature for the necessary wipe! Grow your own Toilet Paper Plants now!

Toilet Paper Plants

Usually, we take toilet paper for granted and do not bother about the fact that there can be any shortage ever. Wouldn’t that be fantastic if you can grow your toilet paper? The good news is that many plants can be used as a substitute for toilet paper. Check out our list of the best Toilet Paper Plants. 

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What Are Toilet Paper Plants?

Any plant, with large and fuzzy leaves, can be used as toilet paper. 

Certain unpredictable situations can cause toilet paper troubles, and it is best to be prepared. The best thing is that you can use some plants’ leaves as toilet paper, and you should know how to grow these plants and never fall short of this hygiene product. 

Many across the globe have used plant leaves as a substitute for toilet paper for over a century. In most cases, it used to be a plant leaf, and though it is not flushable like toilet paper, it can be buried to naturally compost. It could be an excellent alternative to toilet paper for the environment and your skin. 

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Best Toilet Paper Plant



Mullein can grow well in poor soil and even thrive well in gravel piles. This nitrogen fixer can also break up compacted soil, improving the soil. As its leaves treat many skin conditions, using them as toilet paper is safe!

What Plants Can You Use as Toilet Paper?

Soft to the touch and non-poisonous leaves can be used as a substitute for toilet paper. Leaves with a fuzzy texture are precisely the best. Here is a list of some of the best plants that you can use as toilet paper:

1. Lamb’s Ear                                                                                           

Toilet Paper Plants 2

With large leaves that are as soft as the lamb’s ears, it could be another top choice for an alternative to toilet paper. You can easily grow it in pots and gardens.

2. Thimbleberry


Although the leaves are not as fuzzy as the lamb’s ear, the overall texture is soft. You may only need 1-3 leaves for your toilet business.

3. Cabbage

Toilet Paper Plants 3

Another super toilet paper option is cabbage. You can use the outer, large leaves for wiping. Alternatively, you can also use leaves from broccoli and cauliflower.

4. Grape leaves 


The Ancient Greeks supposedly used grapes leaves as toilet paper, and there is no way we know if that is true. However, grape leaves are non-toxic, edible, and huge and can be used as toilet paper. 

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Important Tips

Although all the plants discussed above are non-poisonous and harmless, some people can still be sensitive to them. So, before you use them as toilet paper, try the following:

  • Wipe your wrist or hand with the chosen leaves and wait 24-48 hours for any reactions. 
  • If there are no reactions, you can safely use the leaves as toilet paper. 
  • You can air-dry and store them for future use. 

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