20 Best Boho Garden Design Ideas

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Do you like entertaining your guests with a different themed yard? Here are some of the Best Boho Garden Design Ideas for that vibrant look!

A Bohemian themed garden never goes out of style, thanks to its vibrant use of colors, comfort, and playful aesthetics. We bring you the Best Boho Garden Design Ideas that you can use to add a dollop of vibrancy and freshness to your yard!

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Best Boho Garden Design Ideas

1. Colorful Bohemian Outdoor Setting

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas

A wooden wall with vines and potted plants will add a natural touch. Add a colorful couch for that fantastic boho design.

2. A Bohemian Balcony

Bring in boho vibes in your apartment by decking up the balcony with its elements. Add lots of vining plants on hanging baskets for an added appeal.

3. Boho Patio with Lights

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 2

A large tree, string of bulbs, colorful carpet, couch, and a table makes for an awesome boho patio.

4. Bohemian Wooden Patio

Image Source:-placeofmytaste

A patio with wooden flooring will look a lot better with potted plants and a large umbrella for chairs.

5. A Boho Relaxing Place

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 3

Fan of laid back style? This bohemian setup with tree and potted plants on the shelf is super cool to look at.

6. Cane Furniture and Plants

Image Source:-instagram

Cane furniture always brings boho vibes to the place. You can add plants and a colorful carpet to make it more beautiful.

7. Wooden Porch with Lights and Hanging Planters

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 4
Image Source:-instagram

A long wooden porch will look spectacular with hanging planters. The string of lights will make it look all so appealing at night.

8. Outdoor Bohemian Mini Garden

Even if you have a limited garden space, you can make it cozy by hanging various artifacts and potted plants.

9. A Starry Backyard

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 5
Image Source:-instagram

The inclusion of stars cutouts on the wall complete with lights and plants makes for a very relaxing place to chill.

10. Tropical Beach Vibes

Hanging chair and fern will bring a touch of a tropical vibe to your outdoor garden with a boho feel.

11. A Free-Spirited Design

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 6
Image Source:-lisadawsonstyling

Bohemian design is always free-spirited with the right mix of artifacts, plants, and furniture.

12. Patio with Hanging Lanterns

The hanging lanterns just above the bed will look awesome at night, converting the space into a romantic abode.

13. Bohemian Outdoor Covered Garden

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 7

Make a raised platform using wooden planks for a covered seating arranged right under the shadow of trees.

14. Rustic Garden Lights

These beautiful hanging lights from the tree will add an unmistaken bohemian charm to your garden.

15. Boho Garden with Succulents

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 8

A boho garden with a sitting arrangement, a Buddha statue, and succulents will look simply amazing.

16. Bohemian Decoration with Macrame Planters

Image Source:-instagram

The macrame planters with light bulbs on a tree simply look fantastic while lighting up the entire space.

17. Vintage Mirror on an Outdoor Boho Patio

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 9

Give a rustic vintage vibe to your outdoor patio with a hanging mirror, potted cactus, and different plants.

18. A Relaxing Boho Balcony

If you have a large balcony, you can convert it to a mini garden with certain boho elements like planters and colorful pillows.

19. Small Bohemian Backyard

Best Boho Garden Design Ideas 10

A covered backyard surrounded by plants will be a great place to hang lights for that cozy relaxing space.

20. A Large Chair in a Small Backyard

A designer vintage looking chair surrounded by plants will add boho charm to your small backyard.

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  1. waterproof fabrics with cushions and covers, i painted cane furniture with acrylic paints so will hopefully weather better, also look out for cheap furniture to up cycle so your not precious about it

  2. Hey, I’m currently homeless living in an RV and have finally made me my special space. I used blue tarps, white flat sheets, roll out carpet. It’s a work in progress due to the wind, environment and I put up and give it to the wind if it’s still there in the morning build on!


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