28 Herb Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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From protection to love and courage to strength, these Herb Tattoo Meaning and Ideas make the perfect inks!

Herb tattoos are popular, not only due to their meanings but also because they look amazing. Find out just how much with these ideas.

Herb Tattoo Meaning and Significance

You can’t base an ink on a single meaning. Different herbs symbolize different things. So what do herbs represent? Here’s what!


Lavender is for purity and peace. These inks are for relaxation and calmness. People also get them to overcome challenges in life and for new beginnings.


Rosemary is often linked with remembrance, love, and loyalty. It’s the perfect ink for loved ones and partners.


Basil has positive vibes, and a tattoo of this herb brings good fortune in life. Don’t forget it if you’re getting a bunch of herbs on your body.


Mint is associated with freshness and purification. These properties extend to mint tattoos as well, making them symbols of renewed energy and cleansing the spirit.


Sage is the herb for wisdom and longevity. It has deep historical roots in spiritual and medicinal practices and protects you from negativity, too.


If you want calmness and relaxation, go for chamomile. The ink is for inner peace, finding balance in life, and overcoming emotional challenges.

Herb Tattoo Ideas

1. Mugwort on Foot

herb tattoo ideas

Here’s a mugwort tattoo on the foot that represents dreams and also serves as a symbol of protection.

2. Herb Bundle Tattoo

herb tattoo ideas 2

You can also get a cute little herb bundle with different herbs. Simple and pretty.

3. Herbal Trio

herb tattoo ideas 3

Another herb trio in a bunch that you can take inspiration from. The colors make it pop.

4. Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage

herb tattoo ideas 4

Look how amazing this herb garden tattoo is. The herbs are for protection, healing, courage, and tradition.

5. Rosemary Tattoo

herb tattoo ideas 5

Rosemary is for love and remembrance. You can get it for your loved ones and friends.

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6. Rosemary, Parsley, Sage, and Thyme

herb tattoo ideas 6

You can also get these herbs in color instead of black and white. They’ll look wonderful.

7. Herb Mix on the Arm

herb tattoo ideas 7

instagramFind out what you want to showcase and choose the herbs for a beautiful herb mix like this.

8. Rosemary with a Crystal

herb tattoo ideas 8

This tattoo of rosemary wrapped around crystals is a personal symbol of healing and growth.

9. Herb Bouquet Tattoo

herb tattoo ideas 9

You can also get a lovely herb flower bouquet with different ones. This one has rosemary, mint, sage, lavender, basil, cilantro, and chamomile.

10. Herb Bundle with Tangerine Slices

herb tattoo ideas 10

The addition of tangerine slices with the herbs makes this ink a symbol of abundance and joy.

11. Herb Bundle on the Leg

herb tattoo design

You can also get a herb bundle on your leg – there’s plenty of space for a big ink.

12. Dried Herbs in Fineline

herb tattoo design 2

Here’s a tattoo of a band with dried herbs hanging from it. Notice the clear ink strokes? It’s done in fine-line style.

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13. Herbs and Flowers

herb tattoo design 3

You don’t need to stay limited to herbs. Why not add a bunch of flowers to your design as well?

14. Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary with Rings

herb tattoo design 4

The geometric rings are for balance in life and herbs have different representations.

15. Magical Bird Claw and Herbs

herb tattoo design 5

The bird claw is for magical powers to make the most of the healing power of herbs. What a beauty!

16. Small Herb Bundle Tattoo

herb tattoo design 6

instagramIf you’re looking for something small that’ll make a huge statement, go for a little herb bundle.

17. Mystic Hands with Clover, Hawthorn, and Moringa

herb tattoo design 7

A tattoo of mystical hands holding the lucky clover, protective hawthorn, and nourishing moringa for blessings, hope, and inner strength.

18. Hyrule Herb tattoo

herb tattoo design 8

This Hyrule herb tattoo is a nod to the Legend of Zelda game (Tears of the Kingdom) and heals one heart when consumed.

19. Tarragon and Knife

herb tattoo design 9

The chef’s knife, along with the tarragon, is to showcase the bearer’s love for cooking.

20. Herb Ink on Leg

herb tattoo design 10

The calves would make a fine place for a long herb stem. Here’s an exhibit.

21. Red Herb Tattoo

herb tattoos

The Red Herb is from the Resident Evil games, where it is combined with a green one for a health boost. The shield key is from the game, too.

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22. Herbs with Crystals

herb tattoos 2

Witch crystals are used to amplify the tattoo’s meaning. You can add it to any herbs.

23. Woman with Herbs and Tonics

herb tattoos 3

What a beautiful tattoo of a woman surrounded by herbs and tonics. Pretty, right?

24. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

herb tattoos 5

This herb combination is a popular one and is seen in many tattoos. Why not add some personalization?

25. Herb Patchwork

herb tattoos 6

You can also go for patchwork tattoos to cover up your skin instead of a single piece.

26. Rat Skull, Herbs, and Cinnamon Sticks

herb tattoos 8

The tattoo design is for protection and abundance. The rat skull is for mortality, the herbs for healing and prosperity.

27. Lavender, Rosemary, Wheat, and Thyme

herb tattoos 9

Look at this cute little design. They’re for tranquility, remembrance, abundance, and courage.

28. Dried Herbs Bunches

herb tattoos 10

Get a driftwood branch full of dried herb bunches and finish it up with tiny stars.

Why a Herb Ink?

A herb is a brilliant way to express yourself and what you want in life. Different herbs have different meanings and symbolisms, which are perfect for reflecting your own values and beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if you get them for aesthetics or symbolic meanings – if you love the design, go for it.

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