21 Best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

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Add some greenery with Best Types of Homalomena Varieties, popular for their beautiful foliage and easy-to-grow nature.

Homalomenas are also popular for their compact size, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces with limited room. They are a great choice for beginners, as they are relatively low maintenance and can adapt well to a variety of growing conditions. Read on to learn about the Best Types of Homalomena Varieties.

Homalomena Genus

Homalomena species are primarily found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. They’re especially prevalent in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Homalomena plants exhibit evergreen perennial growth and have glossy, ovate, or heart-shaped leaves. The leaf surface is usually smooth with prominent venation patterns.

Like many members of the Araceae family, Homalomena plants produce an inflorescence known as a ‘spathe and spadix’. The spathe is a large, often colorful bract that surrounds the actual flowers, which are located on the spadix, a spike-like structure.

Best Homalomena Varieties

1. Homalomena rubescens

Best Homalomena Varieties 1

Also popular as ‘King of Hearts,’ these homalomena varieties are native to Southeast Asia. The plant features glossy, heart-like leaves that range from green to red-brown.

2. Homalomena wallisii

A tropical species that stands out with its deep green, glossy leaves covered in light green-yellow patterns. Preferring a humid environment, it can be a great addition to terrariums and vivariums.

3. Homalomena occulta

Best Homalomena Varieties in black pot

These homalomena varieties thrive in a warm, humid environment. Notably resilient, it is easy to adapt well to indoor conditions.

4. Homalomena expedita

Amazing Best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

This species is not very popular; however, it can be a good addition to rooms as it stays compact and does well in indirect light all day long.

5. Homalomena cordata

Best Homalomena Varieties 5

These homalomena varieties are famous for their lush green foliage. It is common in landscaping and as an ornamental indoor plant.

6. Homalomena lindenii

beautiful Best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

These are named after Jean Jules Linden; this plant is popular for its striking, variegated foliage that can range from dark green to a silvery hue. The striking yellow veins on its leaves make it stand out.

7. Homalomena ‘Platinum Velvet’

Best Homalomena Varieties 7

The Platinum Velvet variety is prized for its plush, velvety leaves that have a silver-tinged hue, adding an elegant touch to indoor spaces.

8. Homalomena rubescens mint

top best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

A refreshing twist on the classic Homalomena rubescens, this mint-hued variety features glossy leaves with subtle red undertones.

9. Homalomena cf. aromatica

Best Homalomena Varieties

Looking for fragrant homalomena varieties? This specific Homalomena variation carries the name “aromatica” due to its aromatic leaves. It stands out for both its fragrance and striking appearance.

10. Homalomena ‘Pink Diamond’

Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

An eye-catching cultivar with leaves that display a lovely shade of pink, adding a touch of vibrancy to any indoor garden.

11. Homalomena Pendula

Best Homalomena Varieties in garden

Named for its pendulous or hanging growth habit, this species brings a unique visual dynamic to spaces with its trailing foliage.

12. Homalomena ‘Black Velvet’

As the name suggests, this variety boasts deep, velvety black leaves, creating a striking contrast against other plants, earning it a place in our best homalomena varieties list.

13. Homalomena Corong

Best Homalomena Varieties on ground

It is known to possess distinct characteristics that set it apart from other Homalomena species, such as its long leaves of glossy green and dark stems.

14. Homalomena maggy

lovely Best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow

With huge heart-shaped leaves with grooving patterns and a lovely green, this Homalomena variety stands apart from the rest. Its dense appearance and red stems add to its beauty.

15. Homalomena sekadu

Best Types of Homalomena Varieties

This variety has irregularly shaped leaves that are elongated and appear to have spots on them. The leaves are light green and turn to a darker shade as the plant matures.

16. Homalomena ‘Blackout’

This striking variety showcases leaves that are dark green and nearly black, bringing a touch of drama and elegance to indoor plant collections.

17. Homalomena ‘Red Sumatra’

Best Homalomena Varieties in garden

This variety exhibits rich red tones on the undersides of its leaves, reminiscent of the lush landscapes of Sumatra, making it a captivating one among homalomena varieties. The deep green color of the leaves perfectly complements the red below.

18. Homalomena Andromeda

Best Types of Homalomena Varieties You Can Grow in pot

One of the best homalomena varieties, this one is known for its vibrant green leaves adorned with a pattern of white in the shape of a heart.

19. Homalomena Sp Papua

Top Homalomena Varieties That You Can Plant

One of the most striking features of this variety is the yellow vein of that runs in the middle of its dark green serrated leaves, captivating everyone from afar.

20. Homalomena humilis

best Top Homalomena Varieties That You Can Plant

This humble species is appreciated for its unassuming nature, featuring simple yet charming foliage that complements various decor styles.

21. Homalomena hasei

Top Homalomena Types That You Can Plant

These homalomena varieties holds unique attributes that set it apart from others in the Homalomena family. The leaves are long with tiny hair covering them.

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