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10 Ultimate ZZ Plant Types | Best ZZ Varieties To Grow

Have a look at the best ZZ Plant Types and bring home this air-purifying plant with stunning foliage for a tropical backdrop!

Zamioculcas zamiifolias are noted for their stunning foliage, low maintenance, and air-purifying qualities, making them the most desirable houseplants. If you too wish to bring one home, have a look at the best ZZ Plant Types below!

Here’s all you need to know about growing ZZ Plants

ZZ Plant Types

1. Raven 


Raven has glossy violet-black leaves that sport a darker color in low-light locations. The lime-toned younger leaves give a striking contrast to the foliage.

2. Variegata


Variegated ZZ plants are loved widely for their beautiful foliage splashed in yellow, white, and green. Their easy-going nature makes them the first choice for busy gardeners.

3. Regular ZZ plant 


The Regular ZZ plant displays lance-shaped, thick, mid-green leaves that’ll give the perfect tropical vibe to any bland ambiance.

4. Zamicro 


As the name suggests, this is a dwarf ZZ variety that grows 1-3 feet tall featuring dark-green ovulate leaves. Grow the plant in bright indirect light for the best display.

5. Lucky Classic 


Unlike other varieties, Lucky Classic ZZ Plant has spherical leaves, slightly tapered at the end. Grow this glossy variety at a low-lit location for a beautiful display of lush foliage.

6. Lucky Giant


Lucky Giant offers larger and more elongated leaves than the other ‘lucky’ varieties. The mid-green glossy foliage makes them one of the best ZZ plant types.

7. Dwarf Zamicro 


The Dwarf Zamicro ZZ is a miniature variety with thick, elongated leaves sprouting from fleshy stems. It is a perfect houseplant for limited spaces with busy owners.

8. Gold Variegated 


Gold variegated ZZ is a beautiful houseplant that displays golden-yellow to creamy white foliage on fleshy green stems. The myriad hued leaves make it one of the most expensive ZZ plant types.

 9. White Variegated 


This ZZ cultivar features white variegated leaves with splotches of green on the surface. Grow the plant in a well-draining medium for the stunning shiny look in your cozy backdrop.

10. Super Nova


Another popular variety, the Supernova grows leaves in green tint but as they age, the foliage takes a dark hue. Keep it at a dappled location for best growth.



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