8 Exercises from Gardening Chores to Keep You Fit

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Garden chores are physical and offer you a chance to stay fit. Here are some excellent Exercises From Gardening to keep your body in shape!

Exercising is a great way to remain healthy and fit. But most of us can’t stick to the regime either because of lack of time or motivation. This is where gardening comes into the picture. It is an enjoyable and pleasant way to keep yourself fit and flexible as you’ll be surrounded by plants. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of most common gardening chores that can easily be called–Exercises From Gardening!

Exercises From Gardening

1. Raking

Exercises From Gardening

Beneficial For: Arms, Back, Legs and Shoulders

Rake tool is used for raking in the garden. Tasks such as removing weeds, making piles of grass, dead leaves, and lawn maintenance can be performed by it. While doing it, you perform a pulling movement. You can burn around 250-300 calories in an hour with raking.

2. Sweeping

Beneficial For: Arms, Legs, and Shoulders

Cardio is known to burn a lot of calories by raising your heart rate. Sweeping has a similar effect when you perform it at a high pace. Not only will you clean the garden walkways and flagstone but will also burn 200 calories or more in an hour.

3. Trimming

Exercises From Gardening 2

Beneficial For: Arms and Knuckles

You need to stretch your body while pruning branches of heightened trees. So it acts as a good overall stretch for the body. Movements such as hacking and sawing are also good for the overall body. A fantastic way to get your plants and yourself, both in shape!

4. Digging

Beneficial For: Core back, Legs, Shoulder, and Arm Muscles

The shovel is used for digging in the garden bed. Compound movements are great for getting in shape. Don’t overexert yourself as it may cause injury. Instead, slowly build up your endurance over time.

5. Hoeing

Exercises From Gardening 3

Beneficial For: Arms, Shoulder, and Back

It is a challenging task especially when the surface is rocky. Whether you use draw hoe for shaping or scuffle hoe for weeding and aerating the soil, both will have you breathing hard within no time. We suggest that you wear gloves to prevent calluses.

6. Weeding

Beneficial For: Leg and Thigh muscles, Arms

Obtain the most benefit out of weeding by working on your posture. Instead of kneeling or sitting on a chair while weeding you can include more leg muscles if you squat. Hold the squat position while weeding till you start feeling a burning sensation on your legs. This will work for almost all muscle groups of your legs.

7. Lawn Mowing

Exercises From Gardening 4

Beneficial For: Complete body workout

Not only does regular mowing make the lawn presentable and free from pests, but it is also a great way to exercise. Just like when you do cardio, here you’ll also be sweating profusely and breathing hard within no time. To maximize the effort, use an old-fashioned manual reel-mower instead of petrol or electric powered lawnmower.

8. Carpentry

Beneficial For: Full body

The need for carpentry arises quite often in the garden. Whether you need a new greenhouse, construct a chicken coop, or even make a garden box. All these things require both physical and mental hard work. A perfect way to keep your mind and body in shape while creating something out of it.

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