7 Succulents That Look Like Rosemary

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Succulents that look like rosemary are easy to care for and great for those who like the appearance of this herb. Blue Chalksticks and Blue Straws have leaves like needles, similar to rosemary. Stonecrop is a good choice, but not as tall, and Gold Moss Sedum is a fast-growing miniature version of rosemary. Watch Chain Plant and Miniature Pine Tree also resemble rosemary, and Bush Senecio is a low-maintenance option with similar leaves.

Succulents That Look Like Rosemary have such a striking resemblance to the fragrant herb that you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference!

Succulents That Look Like Rosemary

These rosemary look-alike succulents are low-maintenance and thrive with minimal care, which makes them best for people who are looking for a look-alike replacement for this perennial herb!

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Succulents That Look Like Rosemary

1. Blue Chalksticks

Senecio serpens Look like Rosemerry

Botanical Name: Senecio serpens

It has silvery-blue leaves that look like needles and grows tall like Rosemary. The color and texture of its leaves make it eye-catching, just like the herb!

2. Blue Straws

Senecio mandraliscae potted plant

Botanical Name: Senecio mandraliscae

This succulent, closely related to the Senecio above, has blue-green leaves. Its appearance is reminiscent of Rosemary too, particularly the shape and hue of the foliage.

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3. Stonecrop

Succulents That Look Like Rosemary 3

Botanical Names: Sedum reflexum or Sedum rupestre

Stonecrop is an excellent choice as a rosemary replacement for your bright desk, thanks to its needle-like leaves. However, it’s not as tall as Rosemary and isn’t as upright.

4. Gold Moss Sedum

Gold moss Sedum look like rosemary

Botanical Name: Sedum acre

This succulent has tiny needle-like leaves that spread like wildfire! It’s like a miniature version of creeping Rosemary and super fast-growing!

5. Watch Chain Plant

Succulents That Look Like Rosemary 5

Botanical Name: Crassula muscosa

It stands out from other succulents due to its close-packed, small cylindrical green leaves. Its needle-like appearance is reminiscent of Rosemary.

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6. Miniature Pine Tree

Crassula Tetragona plant In pot

Botanical Name: Crassula Tetragona

This jade plant variety has tiny needle-like leaves, which decorate its woody stems, giving it a unique shrub-like appearance.

7. Bush Senecio

Senecio barbertonicus plant on table

Botanical Name: Senecio barbertonicus

Last on the list, this will surely remind you of the fragrant herb but with a twist – its height! The leaves look strikingly similar to rosemary, and the plant has almost zero maintenance; this can be your next easy bonsai specimen too!

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