40 Creative DIY Crochet Plants Patterns

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You don’t always need to have real plants to enjoy their beauty. Use these awesome DIY Crochet Plants to decorate your home in style!

Artificial plants can bring a natural appeal indoors with the added advantage of being completely maintenance-free! So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy the look of plants without having to worry about caring for them, then you should check out these awesome DIY Crochet Plants ideas!

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DIY Crochet Plants

1. Potted Plant Pattern

Here’s a cute little plant pattern with bright yellow flowers that’ll look charming on tabletops!

2. Crochet Succulent Pattern

Using just the basic crocheting skills, you can make these different succulent patterns with matching colors.

3. Mini Artificial Succulent

Crochet a small round succulent and larger spikey succulents to plant them in a matching pot for an enhanced look!

4. Succulent Scrubbies Crochet Pattern DIY

You can make these attractive succulent designs using red heart scrubby cotton in different patterns and prints.

5. Crochet a Fence Post Cactus

Cacti always bring an appealing look indoors, and if you do not want to grow real ones, you can always crochet them beautifully like this!

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6. Crochet Cactus in a Cup

Crochet cactus in a cup that can be a really cute addition to a tabletop or a windowsill.

7. Crochet Succulents in Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars serve as great planters and they’ll be equally good to put colorful crochet succulents in them!

8. DIY Amigurumi Crochet Kawaii Cactus

If you are a crochet hobbyist, then making these adorable cacti plants in mini pots will be a fun DIY for you!

9. Colorful Crochet Flowers

These colorful crochet flowers can make for a great gift to your loved ones, as they’re never going to wilt away!

10. Crochet Beautiful Tulips

Crochet beautiful tulips with green stems and keep them on tables or shelves for a charming look indoors.

11. Mini Crochet Cactus Keychain

Mini Crochet Cactus Keychain plant near pot

Craft mini cactus keychains with different colors. Attach them to your bags or keys for a cute accessory.

12. DIY Crochet Sunflower Granny Square

DIY Crochet Sunflower Granny Square

Create sunflower granny squares for a cheerful blanket or pillow. A simple way to brighten up your space with sunflowers. DIY here.

13. Crochet Daffodil Applique

Crochet Daffodil Applique flowers

Why not go with daffodil appliques with yellow yarn? You can keep them anywhere you want or attach them to hats and scarves.

14. Simple Crochet Daisy Chain

Simple Crochet Daisy Chain on wall

Make a simple daisy chain using white yarn. You can them together for a lovely decoration or necklace. Here’s the DIY.

15. Crochet Rose Plant

Crochet Rose Plant on table

Who doesn’t love rose flowers? Create timeless decor for your home with this easy DIY pattern.

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16. DIY Crochet Cherry Blossoms

DIY Crochet Cherry Blossoms on wall

These pretty little cherry blossom flowers will look absolutely amazing on the walls of your home. Learn how to make them here.

17. DIY Venus Flytrap Crochet

DIY Venus Flytrap Crochet in pot

Look how cute this tiny little Venus Flytrap is! You’ll love keeping it around in your room. Here is the DIY.

18. Mini Plant Hanger Crochet

Mini Plant Hanger Crochet holding hand

If you want a plant for your car, this mini plant crochet hanger is your best bet. Check it out here.

19. Crochet Flower Pot

 Crochet Flower Pot near window

With a little bit of time and a little bit of yard, you, too, can craft this pretty flower pot for your home. Here’s the DIY.

20. DIY Strawberry Plant Crochet

DIY Strawberry Plant Crochet on table

If you love strawberries, you’ll love making this crochet plant pattern. It’s easy but gives the appearance of an intricate one.

21. Amigurumi Flower Basket

Amigurumi Flower Basket crochet flower

Who wouldn’t want to see these smiling amigurumi daisy flower baskets on their shelves? Find the free pattern here.

22. Fishbone Cactus Crochet DIY

Fishbone Cactus Crochet DIY potted plant

This fishbone cactus crochet will cost you $5 bucks, but it’s definitely worth it. We found it here.

23. DIY Crochet Pinecones

DIY Crochet Pinecones plant on table DIY Crochet Pinecones plant

From trays and tabletops to vases and cups, these pinecone crochets will spruce up your home decor and get it ready for Christmas.

24. Stuffie Pea Pods

Stuffie Pea Pods crochet plant

Looking for something no one else will have? We’ve got you covered with this pea pod stuffie. Here is the pattern.

25. Crochet Beetroot Plant

Crochet Beetroot Plant

All you need are scissors, yarn, and crochet pins for this one. And this crochet pattern!

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26. Seedling Plushie

Seedling Plushie crochit plant

Want the best plant plushie for your children’s room? You should pick this happy seedling. Here’s the DIY pattern.

27. Crochet Mushroom Pattern

Crochet Mushroom Pattern

Never thought you’d see a crochet mushroom – did you? Well, here’s the pattern so you can craft it for your home.

28. Mandrake Amigurumi

Mandrake Amigurumi Crochet plant in pot

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and all things magical? We have the perfect one for you – a mandrake crochet DIY.

29. DIY Crochet Eucalyptus

DIY Crochet Eucalyptus on table

Need a plant stem for vases and pots? Pick this beautiful crochet eucalyptus. Thank us later.

30. Fern Leaf Crochet

Fern Leaf Crochet on wooden table

You can decorate the walls with this one. Or use it as a tabletop coaster. Check out the DIY plant crochet pattern here.

31. Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover Crochet

Take your luck and happiness to the next level with this adorable, blushing four-leaf clover crochet.

32. DIY Crochet Bonsai

 DIY Crochet Bonsai plant

If you’ve always wanted a Bonsai, we have the next best thing – a beautiful Bonsai tree crochet pattern.

33. Snake Plant Crochet DIY

Snake Plant Crochet DIY plant

Here’s another quick and easy crochet pattern of a beautiful snake plant. Find it here.

34. Sprouting Oddish Plant Crochet

Sprouting Oddish Plant Crochet plant

Follow this DIY crochet pattern to create a baby sprout. This one is named Oddish – but you can give it any name you like.

35. Crochet Flower Bouquet

Crochet Flower Bouquet Flower

Want a beautiful bouquet for the table but tired of collecting new cut flowers? Put an end to the hassle with this crochet flower bouquet.

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36. Amigurumi Snake Plant and Vase

Amigurumi Snake Plant and Vase crochet plant

You can easily finish this snake plant and vase crochet DIY over the weekend. It’ll look amazing on the shelves.

37. Crochet Spring Flower Bulb

Crochet Spring Flower Bulb Crochet plant

This spring flower bulb DIY crochet has different flower bulbs for freesia, daffodils, hydrangeas, and tulips!

38. Pink Princess Philo Crochet Plant

Pink Princess Philo Crochet Plant

Want the most amazing DIY on our list? Here’s the video tutorial to a massive pink princess philodendron crochet.

39. Bunny Ear Cactus Crochet

Bunny Ear Cactus Crochet plant

Bunny ear cactus – check, flowers – check. What more can you ask for from a DIY plant crochet? DIY here.

40. Crochet Monstera

Crochet Monstera

We’ve saved the best for last. Check out how to make this lovely, towering Monstera crochet here.

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