10 Succulents That Look Like Peas

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Here are some quirky Succulents That Look Like Peas –grow them if you like the look of this particular vegetable! 

Succulents That Look Like Peas offer a quirky visual appeal and are also quite easy to look after, making them perfect for newbies and experienced gardeners alike! Their compact size and dangling nature make them great for hanging baskets!

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Succulents That Look Like Peas

1. Green Pea Plant

Succulents That Look Like Peas 5

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus ‘Green Pea’

This plant has round, pea-like leaves. It stays compact, which makes it quite easy to maintain and keep on spaces like windowsills and tabletops.

2. String of Beads

best Succulents That Look Like Peas

Botanical Name: Senecio herreianus

This succulent has tiny pea-like leaves that hang off its thin stems. It’s great for hanging baskets or tall pots.

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3. String of Pearls

Succulents That Look Like Peas 3

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus

The oval leaves of this plant look spectacular while its thin stem dangles down the pots. A great addition to shelves!

4. Dream Green Peperomia

lovely Succulents That Look Like Peas

Botanical Name: Peperomia axillaris ‘Dream Green’

This succulent has upright, green leaves that look like clusters of green peas. It grows well in bright, indirect sunlight.

5. String of Nickels

amazing Succulents That Look Like Peas

Botanical Name: Dischidia nummularia

The Button Plant has small, round leaves that line up with its trailing stems, giving it a pea-like appearance.

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6. Happy Bean

Succulents That Look Like Peas

Botanical Name: Peperomia ferreyrae ‘Happy Bean’

This plant features long green leaves that are slightly transparent at the top. It looks more like slender pea pods than peas.

7. Donkey Tail

Succulents That Look Like Peas 7

Botanical Name: Sedum morganianum

It has thick leaves, which gives the plant its signature pea-like look. This succulent is great for busy gardeners, thanks to its low maintenence.

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8. Little Jewel

Succulents That resemble Peas

Botanical Name: Pachyphytum compactum ‘Little Jewel’

Each leaf of this succulent looks like a plump pea! It also has a very fine growth of hair on the surface. The best part – it grows in a compact, rosette pattern.

9. Jelly Beans

best Succulents That resemble Peas

Botanical Name: Sedum pachyphyllum ‘Jelly Beans’

Resembling a bunch of peas, its leaves are quite plump. It can take a stunning shade of red in full sunlight.

10. Baby Necklace

beautiful Succulents That resemble Peas

Botanical Name: Crassula rupestris ‘Baby Necklace’

The leaves of this one look like pea pods. It’s a low-growing plant, perfect for small spaces needing a touch of greenery.

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