18 Best Ideas to Grow Spider Plant Vertically

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Looking for some ideas that can help you grow spider plants vertically with ease? Here are the best ones on the internet!

Growing spider plants vertically is the best way to save up the floor space while adding greenery to the room!

Best Ideas to Grow Spider Plants Vertically

1. Let the Baby Spider Plants Go Wild!

best ideas to grow spider plants vertically 1

The spiderettes of this plant would look smashing hanging off some height!

2. Hang the Pots on the Grill

amazing ways to trellis snake plants 1

Use the grill of the wall like the picture above and watch the plant SPILL!

3. A Corner Beauty!

best ideas to grow spider plants vertically

Why let the corner of your home go to waste when you hang a lush spider plant there?

4. The Killer Black and Green Combo!

amazing ways to trellis snake plants 3

How about hanging these specimens on a black background and making a spider wall?

5. Use a Two Tier Planter

best ideas to grow spider plants vertically 3

A two tier planter in a well lit bathroom by the tub is an idea you just can’t miss!

6. Use a Shelf to Your Advantage!

amazing ways to trellis snake plants 4

Put a sprawling spider plant atop a wooden shelf and watch it dangle down in all its glory!

7. In a Wicker Planter

amazing ways to trellis snake plants 5

This unique wicker planter right outside your bedroom window holding a spider plant will be a delightful sight every morning!

8. Use a Mini Trellis

methods for vertical growth of spider plant 1

The curly leaves of this plant can also be trained on a trellis that you can fix within the pot.

9. Let those Leaves Dangle Down!

methods for vertical growth of spider plant 2

A large spider plant makes for a fantastic display anywhere, as long as you keep it on a height!

10. In a Macrame Hanging Planter

methods for vertical growth of spider plant 3

A macramé planter holding two pots of a spider plants makes for an amazing corner display in a living room.

11. Let the Plants Hang on the Window

Grow Spider Plant Vertically 1

Hang containers using ropes on a bright window to make for an interesting display.

12. A Basket of Delight!

Grow Spider Plant Vertically 2

A mini basket housing a spider plant will look great while hung low by the couch.

13. On a Stubby Shelf with the Lights

decorative Lights

All you need is a small shelf on the wall to rest this plant and flaunt some LED bulbs around it!

14. Use a Tall Room Divider

Use The Tallest Wall

When you have a tall room divider, then use it wisely to display those hanging spiderettes like a pro.

15. A Spider Plant Urban Jungle

Hang on A Metal Wall Trellis

Put a dark wall to good use by covering it up with multiple spider plant sticky pots.

16. Use an Old Basket

Recycle Old Basket planter

An old basket, hanging by ropes can make for a quirky planter for these beauties!

17. Paint Boxes Wall Decor

Paint Boxes Wall Decor planters

Don’t let those paint boxes go to waste and use them creatively for a stunning spider plant display.

18. Use Metal Rods

Use Metal Rods to Hang Spider Plants

Metal rods for towels can be used to hang the container of spider plants anywhere in the house. It is cheap and lots of fun! 

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