Why Everyone Should Have a Spider Plant at Home: 8 Reasons

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Discover not just one or two but 8 solid reasons and benefits of growing spider plants and why everyone should have it at home!

Weather you are a seasoned gardener, or a newbie plant enthusiast, the basic requirements we have while selecting a green specimen for our home is (1), ease of maintenance and (2), overall beauty. What if we suggest you a plant that has many more reasons for you to pick it eyes closed? Sounds like a deal? Read on!

Why Everyone Should Have a Spider Plant at Home?


Let’s talk from two different perspectives, why someone who is not good at growing plants should get one, and secondly, why a pro gardener must not miss one, as well!

For a Non-Gardener: The Effortless Green Companion!

1. It is Extremely Easy to Look After

If you have just stepped into the plant world, well, you’d obviously want one that keeps you at ease, and spider plants will not disappoint!

They just need occasional watering and thrive in varying light conditions—if you are a working individual, well, you are sorted, as these plants won’t niggle you every now and then!

2. It Purifies Indoor Air

Do you have an apartment in the middle of a city? This is THE plant to get for many benefits! A study by NASA rated it as one of the top specimens to clean indoor air of formaldehyde and xylene, which contributes to a healthier living environment.

Of course, to get some benefits or enhance this effect, don’t grow just one; plant a few of them together in a room!

3. It Adapts Well and it is Forgiving!

Everyone knows that spider plant is not high maintenance at all, right? Well, there’s more! The plant adapts to a variety of indoor temperatures and humidity levels, so you don’t have to make any special adjustments.

Even if you forget to water it every once in a while, the plant will quickly bounce back to its green glory, once cared for!

4. Your Pets will Love it, Too!

As spider plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs, you can be stress-free even if they nibble its leaves—in fact, you may even have to save it from your feline!

Don’t worry; your pets won’t get an upset stomach, and the plant will grow back its chewed leaves in no time!

For a Seasoned Gardener: A Diverse and Rewarding Addition!

Spider Plant at Home 2

5. Adds An Ever-fresh Aesthetic Appeal

You may already have different plants indoors, but just look at the spider plant! See its arching fronds and those dangling spiderettes? Do you think any other plant matches this?

To make it stand out, how about growing it in hanging baskets, or simply marvel its beauty by keeping it atop a shelf or displaying it on a plant stand!

6. Easy to Multiply

For any gardening enthusiast, this plant is a dream come true when it comes to propagation. All you have to do, is snip those spiderettes from the mother plant, and plant them in new pot, that’s it! You can also do it using division.

An enjoyable and rewarding gardening activity that ensures you have multiple plants to give away as gifts, too!

7. Is Pretty Much Resistant to Most Pests and Diseases

What makes it a hassle free addition to any plant collection is its resistance to most of the common plant issues out there.

No, we are not saying that it is completely pest and disease proof—we are simply indicating at the fact that as compared to other plants, it is a champ at keeping them at bay.

8. A Truly Versatile Companion

For gardeners, plants don’t get more versatile than this one! Be it a ground cover – both in part-sun or shade, in terrariums, growing it in water, a stand-alone plant, or as a part of a larger indoor or outdoor plant (of course for shade) arrangements—spider plants shine them in all!

For both novice and experienced gardeners, the spider plant fits the bill to the T!

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