23 Wisteria Tattoo Ideas

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If you’re looking to get body art, we’ve got many wonderful Wisteria Tattoo Ideas that you’ll love. Don’t miss out on them!

Wisteria flowers can help you showcase pretty meanings, and they look absolutely gorgeous on your skin. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these designs.

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning and Significance


Wisteria flowers cascade downwards and are known for their beauty. They have a lovely lavender-mauve shade, which makes them a symbol of beauty. Many women get wisteria on their arms and legs for aesthetics and self-love.

 Longevity and Immortality

Wisteria vines are incredibly long-lived and can even outline trees that they grow on–that’s why they are associated with longevity and even immortality. If you see someone with a wisteria tattoo, chances are, they’ve got it as a desire for a long life.

Love and Devotion

Wisterias are often linked to romantic love and devotion in the West and show a deep love for a partner, family member, or friend. But that’s not all. The Japanese believe that wisterias represent strength and resilience–a meaning that carries over to body art.

Wisteria Tattoo Ideas

1. Wisteria Flowers on Arm

wisteria tattoos 1

Wisterias are great ink ideas for the arm. You can easily showcase them and watch everyone turn their heads to admire your ink.

2. Fine Line Wisteria Tattoo

wisteria tattoo ideas 2

You don’t always need color when getting a wisteria. Sometimes, a fine line design like this can do wonders.

3. Wisteria Vine on Foot

wisteria tattoo ideas 3

A pretty little wisteria vine with watercolor splashes on the foot. Pretty, right?

4. Wisteria Flower in Black Ink

wisteria tattoo ideas 4

Even a black and white wisteria tattoo is a beauty to look at, wouldn’t you say?

5. Wisteria Flower Branch

wisteria tattoos ideas 5

If you’ve been unsure about feminine ink, we suggest you get a wisteria floral vine like this.

6. Wisteria and Mirrorball

wisteria tattoo ideas 6

This tattoo of a mirrorball covered in wisteria flowers is a nod to the Taylor Swift song. Can you guess what it means?

7. Mango and Wisteria Flowers

wisteria tattoo ideas 7

The bright yellow of the mango here is balanced by the delicate beauty of the wisteria flower. The geometrical designs are just to make it interesting.

8. Wisteria and Roses Tattoo

wisteria tattoo ideas 7

The strong wisteria vine with the delicate rose suggests a person who has both inner strength and outward beauty. You can see more rose tattoos here.

9. Saturn, Wisteria, Daisy, Willow Leaves and Rose

wisteria tattoo ideas 9

This beautiful design of Saturn, Wisteria, Daisy, Willow Leaves, and Rose could hold a ton of meanings. Perhaps the person got it just because they loved these things.

10. Little Wisteria on Ankle

wisteria tattoo ideas 10

Don’t worry if you do not want a huge tattoo. You can go with a small ankle piece as well.

11. Wisteria Tattoo on Calf

wisteria tattoo ideas 11

Here’s another body art of hanging wisteria flower vines done on the calf. Just look at the attention to detail.

12. Wisteria Flower Vine on Leg

wisteria tattoo ideas 12

If you want a larger piece, you could extend the design so that it covers more of the leg.

13. Wisteria and Bougainvillea with Hummingbirds

wisteria tattoo ideas 13

This ink of the bougainvillea and hummingbirds shows a love for life and a zest for living. The wisteria adds devotion and enduring spirit.

14. Hanging Wisteria on Foot

wisteria tattoo ideas 14

Here’s another foot tattoo idea with wisteria flowers that you can pick.

15. Neotraditional Wisteria Tattoo

wisteria tattoo ideas 15

Neotraditional inks have their own beauty and allure, so if you want something uncommon, they’re the way to go.

16. Black Ink Wisteria Flower

wisteria tattoo ideas 16

Why not go with a simple black and gray wisteria flower on the shoulder? It would make a great feminine tattoo!

17. Freehand Wisteria Black Work Tattoo

wisteria tattoo ideas 17

Such a large wisteria piece would surely take a few sittings to take. But it’s definitely worth it.

18. No Outlines Wisteria Tattoo

wisteria tattoo ideas 18

Ditch the outlines and get a wisteria flower on your body with just the colors. It’ll look like a watercolor artwork.

19. Two Wisterias on Back

wisteria tattoo ideas 19

What a beautiful ink of a pair of wisterias on the back. It’s for finding joy and sweetness in the beauty around you.

20. Wisteria Flower Bunch

wisteria tattoo ideas 20

Here’s a pretty little wisteria flower bunch you can go with. It’s for strength and beauty.

21. Abstract Wisteria Tattoo

wisteria tattoos 1

Abstract inks are cool because the artist can ink you with creativity and it would come out amazing.

22. Wisteria and Beehive Combo

wisteria tattoos 2

Beehives are for working together and dedication. If you pair these up with wisterias, the tattoo is about the balance between individuality and community.

23. Wisteria Thigh Tattoo

wisteria tattoos 3

Wisteria tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful choice for thigh ink as well. Plus, you can always choose when to flaunt it and when not to.

Why Wisteria Inks?

Wisteria inks are really pretty and have beautiful meanings that make them really popular. If you’re going with a Wisteria tattoo, make sure you personalize it and add your own flair to the design to make it truly yours and unique.

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