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22 Amazing Indoor Vines on the Staircase Ideas

Check out these amazing Indoor Vines on Stairs Ideas that will surely tempt you into copying them in your home!

These Indoor Vines on Stairs Ideas are some of the best ways to showcase trailing and climbing plants in your home to use the best of available space!

Here are the best indoor garden under the stairs ideas

Indoor Vines on Stairs Ideas

1. Vines and Stairs


Let the green vines trail along the stairs. Also, pair snake plants and monstera with them.

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2. Let the Vines Hang


Make the living space more vivacious with dangling vines over the staircase area.

3. Vines on the Railings


The fresh green hue of pothos over the white staircase makes the surroundings more lively.

4. Suspend the Vines from the Ceiling


Suspend the trailing vines from the ceiling near the staircase for this beautiful look.

5. Potted Charm


Place a potted trailing plant and let its hanging stems add a green vibe to the area.

6. Line Up the Pots


Arrange the pots in the way shown in the image so the stems hang over the stairs.

7. Enfold the Vines Near the Stairs


Add charm to the staircase by covering the railing with lush green specimens.

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8. Living Railings


Create a living railing of vines in wide planters and give a new look to your staircase.

9. Wrap and Tuck Vines


Wrap the frames along the staircase with vines and also tuck them to a nearby wall.

10. A Living Frame

Create a living frame by hanging small potted plants on it.

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11. Hanging Vines

Allow the vines to hang from the ceiling and float freely on the stairs.

12. Add Macrame Planters

Hang macrame planters carrying spider plants and vines in them on the staircase frame.

13. Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

Be creative and use the area under the stairs by hanging planters from it.

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14. Staircase Jungle

This jungle look on the staircase not only look appealing but also add a fresh vibe.

15. An Inviting Feel

Wrapped vines on the railing create a welcoming look on the staircase.

16. Hang Plants on the Wall

Copy this look by hanging plants on macrame hangers along the staircase wall.

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17. Utilize the Frame

Allow the vines to hang from the frames of the railing – a truly cool idea!

18. Make a Smart Use of Macrame Hangers

Macrame hangers will surely make your plants and staircase area look more aesthetic.

19. Plants and Music

Let your vines move with the beats of the guitar hanging on the wall near the staircase.

20. A Simple Setting

This simple yet attractive vine setting on the staircase is a must-try.

21. A Geometric Setting

The smart use of vines on this geometric railing makes the overall look eye-catching.

22. Pot Magic and Vines

Vines and small pots make the staircase setting look gorgeous with the least effort.

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